My New Project! Fresh. Local. Good. food group Blog!


I know it’s been a while since I have posted, and please forgive me. Between introducing a new kitten to a well established older cat in our home, long days of work and exercise, and now a dabble of a cold, it has surely been busy.

But that’s all the ho-hum of what’s been going on for me…there’s good stuff too!

I’m rocking out to some 311, the windows are open, and I’m writing…about coffee. Not for The Onyx Plate though. *wink*

I was recently asked to write for one of my favorite restaurants around, Iron Hen Café. Their parent company, Fresh. Local. Good. food group does a lot for our community. I will be writing an ongoing blog for them that you can find by clicking on the link below. It will include local goodness of all sorts with an abundance of wonderful local Foodie stories.

You are encouraged to follow that blog as well. You never know when you are going to make it to Greensboro. *smiles*

My posts may not be as frequent as before on The Onyx Plate, but there will surely be free-flowing Foodie love on both!

I can’t wait to see where life is taking The Onyx Plate. As I have asked before…you coming with me? *huge smiles*

You are going to LOVE everything Fresh.Local.Good. food group!

Click here to visit the new blog!

A few items from Iron Hen Café are pictured below, and you can find a previous post I wrote on them by clicking here.



I want YOU! (Yes, I’m pointing at you!)

SD Card 042

I’ve been thinking lately. Sometimes, this is a huge downfall of mine. But, in this case, I think it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been observing a lot of these other sites. They usually have a common way to relate to their readers. A good amount of them are keyed around pleasing children, and go as far as to include pictures of their children doing various random things – sometimes not related to food. Some have pets that eat weird things and pose for funny pictures – my cat just eats Bacon and French Fries, and sits with her tongue hanging out. Some are handsome bachelors talking about the young man’s life of food and freedom. Some focus solely on health food, and some on certain ethnic foods.

I, myself, am 28, married, work 40 hours or more a week, middle-class, exercise a few times a week after work, cook almost every night, have a container garden on my patio, and no kids – but I have an awesome black cat. So what do I have to relate to you with? I enjoy easy recipes, but I enjoy the complex challenges. I enjoy the beauty of an inspiring picture, but I don’t have the funds to support the constant fresh produce purchases. I enjoy cooking with peppers, but I understand not everyone enjoys the savory goodness of a fresh-picked pepper.

So, here lies my quest – well that sounds morbid *smiles* – I want to learn more about you, my reader. I’m opening up my site to feature Sundays. Each Sunday, I will feature a recipe from one of you guys. This isn’t a contest, so everyone will be featured that submits a recipe.

The things I ask of you for this…

  • At least one picture of the final product of your recipe
  • Clear instructions in your recipe
  • A short – or long – story to go along with/about your recipe.

This will help me to find out more about you and what you like. I look forward to your posts! Super excited. *smiles* Send them to me at Get cooking people!

My first picture of food, that started it all.  Start your inspiration today!

The time is upon us (FINALLY!)…World Nutella Day 2/5/11!


The time is upon us my friends!  So here it is…the menu has arrived!  I’ve got my grocery shopping done, my house is clean, and it’s that time!  What time is it???  It’s time to start baking!  I have included my menu below for your curiosity and approval.  I can’t wait to share pictures with everyone.  There will be plenty of recipes to last me a week (oh my, at least), as you will see below…

With all this below…you can follow the links beside the item for the recipe to almost every one.  There are some absolutely beautiful pictures associated with each one mentioned, as well as some wonderful blogs!  I urge you to check each one of them out. 

Happy World Nutella Day on Saturday, February 5!  Go purchase you a jar right this minute…you know you will be salivating by the end of the menu…tomorrow is the day to enjoy a spoonful of goodness!

World Nutella Day Party Menu