Happy Mother’s Day and Weathervane in Chapel Hill


I know that you all know how much I truly love my mother.  The things she and I have been through the last two years have made us stronger than ever.  She is indeed my best friend, confidant, and amazing beyond words.  She is my rock and the reason I go out everyday and try to be the best version of me that I can.  I owe that to her for all of her sacrifices, heart ache, and money spending that I have put her through.  I owe it to her to continually pay back in life what she has given to me.  I owe it to her to always treat others with kindness even though they may have hurt me.  I owe it to her to always take the high road and choose my battles, because she has taught me that I can choose how I react to situations for the best.  I owe it to her to be thankful of where I am in my life and recognize that life is always going to improve beyond where I am at in the present moment.  I owe it to her to hold my head high with confidence as a beautiful woman that she has created from her own beauty.  I owe it to her to be the best daughter she could possibly have prayed for all those years ago, because she has been that mother that God knew I was going to need.  She has shown up every single day for me, and I owe everything to her.

So when it came time to think of a Mother’s Day gift, it became difficult.  I knew she was missing her own mom, and I remembered that we didn’t make the traditional birthday cake at her birthday earlier this year.  It was time…yes time…to make Bishop Bread.  It seems almost sinful to be making it any other time than on her birthday.  I mean, it has been a time honored tradition for an incredible amount of years to be made only on her birthday (that’s me not telling you how young my mom is).  Sometimes life calls for throwing tradition out the window!  But wait, the recipe calls for candied cherries, which makes complete sense why this cake was only made around the holidays.  Grocery stores always had an abundance of candied cherries during Christmas.  If only for those god awful fruit cakes everyone seems to make.  I had to find them somewhere, right?  Very wrong.

After running out of time and places to hunt them down, there was only one option.  I had to make candied cherries myself.  One of my friends had suggested I make them out of Marschino Cherries.  Bleh.  Sorry, folks, I am not a fan of these artificially brightened treats.  However, I needed my candied cherries.  I took to Google, and Google came through with flying colors.  It landed me on ShaunaSever.com.  Thank goodness there was a recipe out there.

They were incredibly easy to make, and here is the link to her post… http://shaunasever.com/2010/12/how-to-make-candied-cherries.html.  Her recipe is below.


Candied Cherries

This is a full recipe that will yield about 8-9 ounces of candied cherries. It’s easily scaled up or down, even if you just need a tiny amount for a recipe.

  • 1 16-ounce jar maraschino cherries
  • 3/4 cup sugar

Drain the cherries, reserving 1/4 cup of the juice. Combine the reserved juice and sugar in a small saucepan and place over medium heat, stirring until the sugar is mostly dissolved. Add the cherries, and stir well. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cover the pan and reduce the heat to low. Simmer for 45 minutes-1 hour, until the cherries are slightly shriveled and firm to the touch. Remove from the heat, uncover the pan, and let cool completely.

When the cherries have cooled, remove them to paper toweling (leaving the syrup behind, your recipe doesn’t call for it) and pat dry. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to six months.



We were originally headed to Fearrington Village for brunch, but considering the weather, Mom decided she would rather go to Chapel Hill and visit A Southern Season and Weathervane.  Love love love going to A Southern Season.  It should really be named A Southerner’s Food Heaven.  First, we ate!  

We lucked out and got a seat in the cafe area.  It’s really not that bad, but if you are more than two, you should ask for an extra chair when sitting at the booths. We were immediately advised that their regular menu was not available, and they were only offering a $34 Prix Fixe menu for Mother’s Day.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  I just missed their main menu.  Overall, it was a great experience because I was with my Mom/parents.  It is Mother’s Day afterall.   

They had a beautiful menu and a fresh daisy on each table.  It was set nicely, just as would be expected.

Mom ordered the baked baby brie, orange blossom honey, fig preserves, and toasted country bread for her starter.  I’m not the biggest brie fan, but this had a really nice flavor with all of the elements combined.

 I ordered the Grilled Summer Squash Soup as my starter with charred peppadew peppers, and a sweet corn crem fraiche –  No, I didn’t shake it up or stir it before taking the photo.  It was presented this way.  You eat with your eyes first, and although this ended up tasting decent, it certainly wasn’t plated well.  A little bit of a let down for as amazing as this place normally is. 


My Stepdad ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes with a buttermilk cucumber, green tomato relish, and crispy greens.  He said the greens were so soaked in grease, it was hard to enjoy them.  However, they were indeed fried, and we came to the conclusion that maybe that’s the only way some people can eat healthy greens…fried.  The dish was perfect otherwise.

They both ordered the out of this world Weathervane Shrimp and Grits with heritage Andouille Sausage, redeye shrimp gravy, shitake mushrooms, and pimento grits.  Even though we never saw actual pimentos in the grits, this was the best dish of the entire meal at the table.  Very thankful this is on the regular menu!!!

I ordered the Tea Glazed Organic Salmon with heirloom pea succotash, preserved lemon, skinny bean salad, and a green tomato vinaigrette.  This was probably the best cooked piece of salmon that I have had in an extremely long time.  Delicious and buttery.

They copied each other again at first with both ordering the Salty Caramel Apple Cobbler with a brown sugar streusel and buttermilk ice cream.  However, contrary to what your brain tells you, this cobbler was served cold.  I asked the server if it was supposed to be served cold (we were kind of early in their lunch service so maybe they just hadn’t had time to warm it thoroughly), and after going to the back and returning, she informs us that it is supposed to be served cold.  Hmmmm…if this is a new trend, you can have it.  Ice cream (especially such tasty ice cream like the one on this dish) should be melting gently over the HOT apple cobbler.  Maybe next time put that it is served cold on the menu?

After the Cobbler debacle, Mom ended up with the same dessert I had chosen – 11 Layer Chocolate Cake with dark chocolate ganache, roasted strawberries, and a peanut butter mousse.  This was a win in the richness of the cake and the perfection of the peanut butter mousse.  I’ll take a pound of that to go, please!

The few little things that I wasn’t pleased with didn’t outweigh the stellar service, the ambience, or the overall enjoyment of being with my family at a nice restaurant.  It truly was a good experience.  I can’t wait to go back and order my own plate of Shrimp and Grits!

If you’ve made it to the bottom, I hope that you have all enjoyed your Mother’s Day.  If you’re like me, and have only been blessed with being a mother to a cat, then Happy MeowMa Day to you (as I refer to the day).  If you’re not able to be with your Mom, then I hope that she left you with wonderful memories that you can look back on today, and know that you are a better person because she was in your life.

With love to my own Mom,  J

LaRue – A great addition to Greensboro dining


Sitting here on a cloudy afternoon, bored and with no one to talk to but my cat, I can’t help but think about last night’s meal. Another blogger friend and I were invited to a special preview of the new LaRue restaurant opening in downtown Greensboro on Monday, March 23.

It’s a small French restaurant right across from the Carolina Theatre, and it’s owned and operated by a very passionate Chef. Trey Bell’s passion shows through in his staff and especially the food. The staff was involved in the prepping of the space, and it’s very evident they all have a great source of pride in LaRue. I find that very charming about this place. The use of reclaimed wood all throughout the restaurant on the walls, the handmade bar and top (that was all created or made by the staff) really brings this restaurant together and shows it can fit in with the trendy downtown crowd.


When you first arrive, they have you sign in on an old typewriter (the owner loves his antiques, but mainly typewriters). I’ll admit it, it’s been a long time since I’ve touched a typewriter, so I had to ask for assistance. Next time I’ll know (because there will be a next time).


We were seated at the bar, which is pretty much like a Chef’s Table. We could sit and watch as food was finished and sent off to other guests. It was fun being in the middle of the action and talking to the chefs.



Did I mention the retractable heat lamps??? Those should be in every kitchen!

We decided to order three of the four small plates…


Marrow Butter was first up – house made cultured butter, bone marrow, and epi bread. The bread is brought in from Loaf Bakery, and it’s Trey’s actual recipe/creation.  The bread was prefect with a chewy outside and soft on the inside. $6


Pigs in a Blanket was next – while it’s not my traditional Southern experience of Pigs in a Blanket, it was extremely tasty. The Chinese sausage wrapped in phyllo was spot on delicious with the mustard seed caviar. $6


Next was the Duck, Duck, Duck – foie gras, duck confit and duck jerky went perfectly again with the bread. This was a first for me to have foie gras, and I must say that I quite enjoyed it! It went well with the butteriness of the confit. Duck jerky, where have you been all my life? $12


We switched to main courses and chose the Cassoulet as one of our dishes. The pork belly paired well with the duck breast and white beans. We asked Chef for a suggestion of a sauce for the dish, and they whipped us up a sauce from scratch that was beyond what we expected. That says a lot about this place when they are willing to accommodate.


The other course we chose was Spottail Bass – it came with romesco, wild onion and root greens. My friend is allergic to nuts, so the romesco was served on the side and not pictured. Trust me when I say it was phenomenal with the bass.



We both enjoyed selections from a large wine and beer menu. It had all bases covered, even though this is a small restaurant. There’s no way you couldn’t find something to pair with your meal.


Instead of dessert, we ended with a beautiful and delicious cheese plate. All three of the cheeses were accompanied perfectly with the peach, nectarines, and dried fruits.

This was truly a pleasurable experience dining out that I haven’t had in a while around town. The prices were right for the quality and quantity, and I can’t encourage enough to try this new gem. Most importantly, it’s nice to see fresh faces, fresh passion, and fresh ideas downtown. I can’t wait to go back!

Visit LaRue at 313 S. Greene St. in Greensboro, NC starting Monday, March 23rd!


Dates Make a Difference: Eat for a Cause event



One of the most wonderful things that I’ve enjoyed since beginning my blog is the connection that I’ve formed with so many in the food world.  I’ve met entirely too many people to sit here and name that have impacted my life in many ways.  I love them all, and I especially love them for letting me into their lives.  Along with the connections, I have been blessed with many food events I am able to attend.  I understand the Farm to Fork movement a lot better, and I also understand the impact of buying local…purchasing from local farms, and also frequenting locally owned restaurants.

I wanted to share this next event with you, because it will truly be a night of amazing dishes and great Chefs!

The event, Eat for a Cause, will be held on August 18th from 6-9pm at :

Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

251 Spruce Street N., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 United States

You can find more information and purchase tickets at the Dates Make a Difference event website by clicking here.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what Dates Make a Difference is, and what all we will be grubbing on at the Eat for a Cause event on August 18th!  So excited!

“A Dates Make a Difference Event is not a typical school fundraiser. We don’t just throw an event and write your school a check.  Students, parents and teachers work together and come up with a project or proposal for how to best use the funds.  A local ‘Difference Maker’ hosts your school’s event. They partner with local restaurants and food suppliers to offset the cost of the event, to keep costs lower for the parents, and so more of the funds go directly to the project. The event meal keeps a strong focus on locally-grown slow food prepared by local chefs and restaurateurs.  Also at your Dates Event and after a brief presentation about where the funds will be used, children and their parents experience family-friendly and inspiring entertainment that we believe will enrich your relationship.

Fundraising for Education

A new fundraising model where funds go directly toward an immediate, visible and long-lasting benefit.

Building Family Relationships

We inspire a connection between parent and child at our events to help facilitate an ongoing dialogue.

Supporting Local Food

We introduce diners, growers, and chefs to inspire a lifelong love of food, and support of the local community.”


Here’s the menu for the event!


Believing in Humanity…and Curtis Stone, too!


I am a firm believer that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. I also believe that the kindness of strangers is still alive and kicking. Whether it’s the person you pass in the street you exchange smiles with, or it’s the server at your dinner table…we all meet for a reason. That’s why it’s important to show kindness to everyone you meet, because as the old phrase goes, you never know what struggle someone has in their own life.

All through life, I have tried to do my best to share my smiles (what’s the point in hanging on to them?). I will always try to make you laugh (with clean or naughty humor). I will always believe in you (even when you doubt yourself). Also, I will always respect you (because you’re human, and you deserve it). I don’t care where you came from, where you live, what you eat (unless I need a recipe), or how you prefer your steak cooked. You are you, and I will respect you and do my best to inspire you.

Onto today…

There were quite a few people that came into my life today, and I am very grateful they were brought into it.

Today was the day I got to meet Curtis Stone. *big smiles* Mom and I started off early for the hour drive to A Southern Season (one of our favorite gourmet stores!), and were completely expecting a large crowd waiting. We were the fourth car in the parking lot…*smiles*. We made it inside the store and walked towards the area Curtis would be demoing some of his items. The first person we met…Johnnie. Johnnie was a true delight and knew food like the back of his hand. It was great spending time with him and hearing some of his great recipe ideas. Next, we went to the “gathering” area where we were first in line. Luckily for us, Katy was there to greet us. We had no complaints at all with spending time with this vibrant and kind woman. There were quite a few things we could relate to: her brother has a food blog, she loves fashion, she does design for your home, life, or wardrobe, and she smiled warmly. What wasn’t to love about this woman?

Elaine joined us shortly thereafter with a super warm smile as well. She told us about a movie called Strictly Ballroom…an Aussie film that she loves. She also educated us that she had heard the Julie person in real life from Julie and Julia wasn’t actually the most amazing person you would want to know. Hmmm….that sucks. Then flew in Stacey. Stacey, Stacey, Stacey. We had to let the Security Guard Ryan know that he might want to watch her. For the simple reason that she knew where Curtis had stayed. *wink* With her pearls and sparkly personality she was sweet to bring us tastings as we waited. By the way, the Peppermint Bark at A Southern Season is simply delicious! I adore a good and smooth Peppermint Bark.

Now to back track a bit. All of the above were employees of A Southern Season. There was one more key player in today’s events. About 30 minutes after we had been standing in line, a young gentleman began standing in line with us…Ap. When I say gentleman, he really was one. Well dressed, well groomed, articulated his words, polite, and he knew his food! Oh yeah, and he loves a good steak (can’t fault him there). We exchanged contact information and are definitely planning on keeping in touch. He also let me know about Anthony Bourdain coming to Richmond, VA, in April 2013. Woohoo!!!! *big smiles*again* I always love a new Foodie friend. Might start watching Top Chef Masters because of him, too. *wink*

Right behind Ap, stood a mother of two toddlers and her friend. She had a blog as well. Shamefully, I didn’t catch her name, but I definitely got her blog address. *wink* Go check her out at The Stir Crazy Moms Guide to Durham. It has tons of great ideas to do with your children in Durham. I believe I just saw where they do giveaways once in a while also!


I had flashbacks of meeting Gordon Ramsay when Curtis Stone walked behind his curtained area to get ready for us salivating women (and a few men). I believe the organizers thought we would be a stampede mess, because a few of them kept telling us how to stand and where to go. But, we knew what we were doing…Curtis couldn’t see us acting like fools. *wink*  By the time 8:30am-11am was gone, we had already “adopted” Ap as one of the family, and we stuck together to make sure we all made it to the front row. Of course we did (it’s the Southern way to look out for your neighbor).

We finally were let in, and now we were standing in front of Curtis Stone while he was showing us a few of his cookware items. I found it to be a little pricey for the average home cook with an average job (like myself), but I can see where everything was practical, great quality, and would be worth the money with some saving. Just as a note…his basic 12″ NonStick FryPan was voted #1 by Good Housekeeping magazine, and his Oil Can was featured in O magazine as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. I’m not sure you can get better than those two things.

Let’s be honest here. It was hard to focus on much, as he was so damn attractive. *smiles* He shared cooking tips, stories, history, joked around (there’s a naughty side there ladies and gents), and smiled a lot. It was obvious he was passionate about his craft, and I can appreciate that greatly. He took pride in the product he was presenting to us, and he knew how to make you feel important when you met him. Towards the end of the presentation, he sat the plates of food that he had prepared out for us to see as we waited in line for him to sign our cookbooks. But, come on, if you know me, I’m not afraid to ask for what I want. I also don’t believe in just LOOKING at food. So, without hesitation, I proclaimed to him…”I want to try that!” He kindly handed me a fork and the plate, and Mom, Ap, and I enjoyed a bite of his stir-fry dish (which was stunningly flavored). Such a sweetie.

We continued to wait in line for our book signing, and with each person, he took a quick moment to talk to them while signing their cookbook. He got to me, and saw that I already had his autograph in my cookbook (a friend had obtained that one for me, thanks Andrea!). I told him this time I wanted to see it being signed myself, and we could have it signed to “Jennifer” this time, instead of “The Onyx Plate”. He obliged, acknowledged my Fork Bracelet I was wearing, and listened to me briefly jabber about him being an inspiration in my own food passion. We shook hands and he took a photo with Mom and I…damn he’s attractive. Oh wait…did I already say that? Oh well, it bears repeating!

We said goodbye to Katy as we shared a hug, and goodbye to Ap as we recommended he dine at The Weathervane before driving 2 hours home. Unfortunately, they were on a wait for parties larger than one, and we headed back towards home. However, we did stop at a nice little place in Hillsborough called Saratoga Grill. Quite tasty on Churton Street. Delicious Honey Almond Salmon, a light salad, sweet Scones, and a sliver of Caramel Walnut Torte made a nice cap to the day with Mom.

There’s nothing I love more than going on Foodie Adventures with Mom, and even though she says she only goes on these things because it’s for me, I think she secretly enjoys them. Simply put, she got a little too excited when we got to put our arms around Curtis for a photo. And I quote “Ohhh, we get to touch you!” I love my Mom. When I can’t seem to get the words out, she always knows exactly what I’m thinking.

So…in closing…

  • From Johnnie – fantastic recipe ideas for Collards and Fish
  • From Katy – TwentyFiveBucksAWeek.com is her brother’s blog, and her company is Katy Delaney Design. Beautiful Woman/Beautiful Website
  • From Elaine – a new movie to watch!
  • From Stacey – a new brand of Peppermint Bark to indulge in
  • From Ap – a future meeting with Anthony Bourdain (hopefully Ap will be there as well), and a new show to watch – Top Chef Masters
  • From Blogging Mom – a cool website to introduce you Moms to…maybe one day I’ll need it as well.
  • From Curtis Stone – INSPIRATION, INSPIRATION, INSPIRATION and another reason to save money. *wink*

Life is about the people you meet in it as well as the small things you’re surrounded by every single day. When you meet someone, make sure you leave their lives just as enriched as they left yours.

Aspire to inspire.

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A Southern Gal’s Take on Chef Irvine and Restaurant Impossible

The extremely KIND production crew!

A note to my most wonderful reader…I feel as though I need to preface this as I do with some of my writings. I need you to remember, while reading this, that I am a very passionate and caring person that always tries to be kind to people. It is true that you never know whose day you are going to turn around with just a kind smile or a simple acknowledgement of their existence. Life is short…be kind to one another!

And so it began….

It was about 8:30am when we arrived at University Grill. Mom, two friends, and I. It was drizzling and decently chilly. We walked up to the building right at 9am, just as instructed. Oh wait…I can’t forget to mention that we were almost run over by a light blue Lexus SUV while walking up to the building. It randomly came out of nowhere, and what to our wondering eyes would appear??? Well, it was Chef Robert Irvine driving the Lexus like a bat out of hell. He spun out into the middle of the street, almost hitting another vehicle. We were told to stand on the side of the building while the production crew signed us in…but you had to stay out of the view of the windows since they were doing some filming inside. Heaven forbid we stepped in front of a window, because we would be swiftly corrected.

We stood outside for about another hour, in the cool drizzle, until we were finally told we could walk in to the warm restaurant. The production crew ushered us in, and look who was standing right inside the door! Well, it was Chef Robert Irvine standing with arms crossed at the door like a Greek God. Yeah, he’s built…I can appreciate that. I stepped up to him, being the big fan that I am, and said charmingly “Welcome to North Carolina.” We were standing perpendicular to each other. He looked my way with a cross look on his face, stared at me for a couple seconds, did one of those quick flashes of a fake smirk, and quickly turned back around, never uttering a nicety to me or the others around me. I was perplexed to say the least.

Let’s talk a second here…I have met Chef Gordon Ramsay. He wasn’t at all what you see on television. At the MasterChef auditions, he was a complete gentleman. He was kind and generous even off camera. It could bring the good tears to my eyes just knowing that I met my number one favorite Chef, and he was all I hoped. Hell, I was prepared for him to yell at me or tell me something looked bad…and I would have happily taken it like a champ! *smiles* I expected that from Chef Ramsay. On to Chef Irvine…when my amazing cousin let me know about the posting in Craigslist for extras on the show, I jumped at the chance! Who was I wanting to meet??? Well, it was Chef Robert Irvine that I wanted to meet with a smile on my face and a smile on his. I have this list in my head of who I really want to meet, and he was certainly towards the top! He seemed like he would be such a nice guy to meet, and my hopes were high like the bar that Chef Ramsay had set late last year.

It only became more irritating as the production went on. After being rattled by his rudeness, we were all shuffled back outdoors for another 20 minutes in the rain. When we finally got in and settled into a booth out of the camera shot, he began the opening interviews with the restaurant owners. Bless their hearts…he was sadly, a jerk…as I believe some of you saw on the episode and asked me if he really was that mean off camera as well. We ended up being moved to the other side of the restaurant so we would be in natural lighting along with the production crew’s lighting. They began doing some taping of everyone seated….this is at about 11:30am. Keep in mind that we got here about 8:30am, and I think a majority of us were expecting some sort of breakfast service…cue growling tummys. Beside us there was a buffet, and guess who wanted to film some of the temperatures of the items sitting in the buffet??? Well, it was Chef Robert Irvine standing beside the buffet and yelling at the camera men to stand in certain positions and copping an attitude.

My oh my was he grumpy!

The extremely KIND production crew!

Our food was finally delivered around 12:30pm, by an extremely nice waitress, and then Chef made some comments that caused us to not finish our food. *grrrr* Cue growling tummys…again! The production crew finished up taping some more shots, and we were ushered out with not a kind greeting or word from Chef Irvine. This may be a good time to mention that this production crew was so incredibly kind and accommodating. Let me reiterate that….EXTREMELY KIND!

I had spoken with one of the heads of the production crew, and she said I could come back in and see if I couldn’t get a photograph taken with Chef. Let’s be honest, he was not on this redheads good side. I had looked up to this man, admired his build, and wanted to talk to him about his world of food. I wanted to learn. The other women with me left, and I hung around for another 30-45 minutes for the lady to come get me for my photo-op. While waiting, I met a very nice production assistant outside (a fellow Foodie), and she and I occupied each others time…in the rain. Yep, still raining, folks.

It was getting late and my tummy was incredibly hungry. With hesitation, I walked quietly back into the restaurant while they were taping and stood hidden behind some waitresses that were folding silverware (not on camera). I looked across from where I was sitting, and look a’ there…who do you think I was looking at??? Well, it was the texting machine Chef Robert Irvine (not on camera either) glued to his phone and not paying me a bit of mind. It came time for the lady to pull me over for a photograph. Chef Irvine seemed visually perturbed that I was interrupting his texting time, and he said “Let’s hurry up, we have filming to do.” I handed my phone to the production crew lady, someone on the crew kindly told the lighting guys to turn the lights around to give us some light for our photograph, and the photograph was taken. He asked, “Do you need to make sure it looks ok?” I turned to him (maybe with a bit of redhead attitude showing after this whole ordeal…I couldn’t help it!) and said, “No thanks, sorry to bother you.”

Gosh it irritates me how photogenic and sweet he looks in this photo…

I walked out the door, said goodbye to my new Foodie friend, and I drove into the now afternoon sun in search of delicious food to cure my growling tummy! Is it funny that Mom and I headed to IHOP?

In closing,

It irritates me personally that this is the memory I have of one of my favorite Chefs. He was met with pure kindness from the extras that showed up for his show, but I guess he had not had a very decent morning before the taping. It’s certainly unfortunate. I do, however, hope that his day improved vastly. He’s a hard-working man, and he deserves to be a smiling man also. *smiling*

As far as the restaurant goes…Mom has been back since the reveal, and the footage on the show seems to be a vast change. I, personally, am afraid it went the wrong direction. The town it neighbors is Glen Raven…an old mill town. There are other restaurants that cater to our wonderful Elon University down the road, but it is important for the restaurant to not lose sight of the other areas. The show went to Elon University only (it appeared in the editing) for opinions of what the “students” wanted. A place to “chill”. Really? There seems to be a lot of long-time customers that go there. From construction and mill workers, to older and close to poverty level people. Glen Raven is a quaint little town with a good amount of Southern Charm. I just hate that it wasn’t captured in the makeover, and all they did was a makeover for the University students. (Yes, I realize it’s called UNIVERSITY Grill.)

I feel it probably would have been nice to have a good Southern restaurant with downhome foods that would please the other side of the community along with Elon University. They have enough “chill” places in the heart of Elon, and I know for a fact that a lot of the Elon students from up North love a good and tasty home-cooked Southern meal. You would be hard pressed to find one that didn’t!

I truly do wish Eleni and her brothers the best of luck. They were brave to reach out for help, and I hope that all surrounding communities band together to support them in their journey. It’s a long road ahead of them, but I have a feeling they’re not going anywhere. Just call it a hunch from a Southern Foodie. *wink*