Creative Cookies…

When I say I’m not a chef, I mean it.  I don’t work in the kitchen of a restaurant, and the closest I ever got to working in the kitchen of a restaurant was being a waitress.  So when it comes to me cooking I have a simple philosophy…

Within reason, if each ingredient tastes good, is semi in the same family, then they should taste even better when combined.

For example, I took a sugar cookie mix and added the items in the directions on the back of the bag.  Then I proceeded to add heath toffee bits, mini chocolate chips, and I hand pitted and chopped fresh Bing Cherries.  Instead of butter, I used Brummel and Brown for a bit of a healthier kick.  These cookies turned out amazing!  I had even more fun being creative with the Bing Cherries.  I didn’t want to have too much moisture from them, so I wrapped and rolled them in paper towels after chopping them and smushed some of their juices out (resulted in a beautiful picture of a juice dotted paper towel, but that’s besides the point). 

Long story short…BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR COOKIES!!!  For ease, start with a base and keep it moving by adding whatever your heart desires!

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