On the fly Pork Tenderloin…

I decided that I wanted to find a healthy pork tenderloin recipe.  I am sure this one resembles at least one of the many that are out there, but I didn’t look at a recipe, just threw things together.  I told you previously that this is most of the time what I do (sometimes to my disadvantage, and the hub’s).

In the crockpot I dumped about a cup of thick and meaty slices of Portobello mushrooms, then some baby carrots (I think there were about 10 in there), then cut a large onion into chunky wedges and dropped them in there.  The tenderloin I got ended up being plural…sometimes that frustrates me.  I just want a large tenderloin for once, not a pack that when I open it up it’s magically two tenderloin.  Oh well, we will still eat them and will have great leftovers!  I salt and peppered the tops of the loins.

Then I mixed together a can of 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom soup with 1 cup of store-bought Vegetable Broth.  Once that was well combined I poured it over the top of my ingredients.  I didn’t stir anything at all.  I left it on high for 4 hours and came back to fall apart pork.  It was perfection and tasted wonderful!!!

I served this pork overtop of Peirogies and steamed Edamame beans.  I piled it all together so the gravy could flavor everything.  When growing up, I would always fight for the most carrots out of Maw-Maw’s Sunday Roast crockpot.  The carrots were my favorite when cooked down with the juices….

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