Kitchen Helper…

I have been going down to the gym on Monday and Thursday nights, so the hub has agreed to cook at least those two nights to help out.  10-hour day plus cardio does not make for a wife that wants to come home and immediately get in the kitchen…just being honest folks (or do I insert a “ya’ll” for a Paula Deen nod?)…

This is the hub’s creation tonight….which I have to hand it to him, turned out pretty tasty.

He combined 2 garlic cloves, and some minced onion in a pan with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sautéed boneless skinless frozen chicken tenders in it.  Remember that leftover pepper mix that I was eating with my egg whites for my healthy breakfasts???  Yeah, then he mixed my third day’s portion into it…..He added one can of Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup, a can full of store-bought vegetable stock, and then he filled that can a 1/3 of the way full of Marsala wine.  He simmered everything on medium-low for 20-30 minutes until his 5 POUNDS OF RICE COOKED!!!  No kidding…it looked like he literally dumped the whole box in with some water!  I asked him if he measured the portions out for the rice…he replied with a hearty no…Let’s just say I am going to be getting creative with some rice the next few days.  Stay tuned for that one…


  1. I have never subscribed to a blog b4. I love the pictures of your cooking. I’m sure one day you could have a best selling book or hit tv show.


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