Berry, Berry, Berry Recommended

Once in a while you will see me recommend products on here.  For my first recommendation…This was a must have for a great snack on a Saturday when you’re feeling lazy from all of the cleaning you just did, and all you really want to do is relax with something cold and yummy to drink.  Of course feel free to insert an ice cold beer into this equation, but if something a little heartier and better for you is what you’re into, this is for you…

Yoplait’s Triple Berry Smoothie

According to Yoplait’s website – “Yoplait makes Smoothies fast and fabulous straight from your freezer.  Enjoy 1 full serving of fruit with four great tasting varieties. Just add milk and blend! Available in the frozen fruit section in grocery stores nationwide.” 

One full serving of fruit!  If you feel anything like I do about the 100-calorie “snack packs”, you will appreciate this snack.  Each 8 ounce serving only has 110 calories with only 15 of them being fat calories and 2 grams of fiber.  I’m tired of the carb filled “snack packs” that offer absolutely no nutritional value to my everyday nutrition needs.  I want substance, and not something that is still going to make me crave the actual full calorie item.  Back on topic, sorry, I haven’t tried the other three flavors, but the Triple Berry is great.  I bought this batch from Costco.  The one big bag contained 5 smaller bags, which each contain two servings.  This ran me approximately $8-$10.  Not bad honestly.  I had some spare blackberries, and I decided to add them in for extra berriness this time.  Made it a little more seedy than it normally is, but nonetheless very tasty.  When you open the bag you will find frozen berries and little chips of yogurt.  Pour it into a blender with a cup of milk and make sure to have straws ready to go!  Enjoy!

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