Grocery store brand coffee isn’t always bad…

Coffee Recommendation

We  found a great grocery store coffee…FreshSmart.  You can find this at Lowe’s Foods.  We have found we like the Coffee House Blend.  A little strong, but not too strong, and it goes perfect with hazelnut creamer (which I can’t live without).  They have a lot of other blends as well.  The package is pictured below.  It has quite the pretty package…

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It's a new day and a new food journey. I'll be using this blog as a motivational tool to keep my husband and I in check on eating "healthier for us" dishes. I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us! Also, don't judge us if we go off the rails once in a while, or if I just need to get some random non-food thoughts out there! Happy to have you here in my kitchen and our lives!

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