Tillamook…I Loaf You, too!

My cheese loves me, does yours???  I can’t begin to tell you what a day I had on Thursday.  Oh, it was one of those days that felt like Monday tripled.  But, through the course of my day, I received a little email from Mom that stated Maw-Maw had received a package for me at her house and I needed to go pick it up after work.  Of course I immediately called Maw-Maw.  I love surprises, but I just needed to have an idea of what it was.  Unfortunately for me, she does good at keeping things a surprise.  After my dreaded day finally ended, I high-tailed it over to Maw-Maw’s hoping for a good package awaiting me.  Boy, was it ever a good surprise!!! 

She opened up her refrigerator to reveal a huge orange and blue box.  Not just any box, but a Tillamook Cheese orange and blue box!  Oh, heavens!  If you’ve never had their cheeses, you are missing out.  The creamy, the flavor, the goodness, oh my!  My box contained twelve 8-ounce cheese loaves.  The flavors were: Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar (OUR FAVORITE), Garlic Chili Pepper (the first one we broke into), Hot Habanero Jack (the perfect kiss of burn), Garlic White Cheddar (great served with crackers), Medium Smoked (a soft smoked flavor that pleases the palate perfectly), Vintage White Medium (extra creamy goodness), Sharp Cheddar (this may be basic, but it takes basic to the extreme perfection), Special Reserve Extra Sharp (amazing), Vintage White Smoked Extra Sharp (vintage…white…smoked…and extra sharp…what more could u ask for?), Vintage White Extra Sharp (Mmmmmmm), Medium Cheddar (this will be the second one we break into, can’t wait!) and Pepper Jack (the best pepper jack to ever cross my lips). 

And who sent me this magical box of happiness???  None other than my Uncle Jay out in Oregon.  I may not see him much, but by the power of Facebook and the creamy goodness of Tillamook Cheese we are reconnecting.  Do you know what the message said on the invoice?  “Hope this makes it into a cheesy recipe!”  It’s nice to have family support with my endeavors.  I appreciate it so very much and hope that one day I will make you all very proud!

So, when you see cheese added to a recipe in the near future, you very well will see Tillamook Cheese being used.  The only exception, some of these cheese loaves are just too good on their own to add to something.  In this case, we will be eating them in cubes by themselves as they are intended to be eaten.  Excellence doesn’t need to be added to something…it’s already wonderful!

Here are a little facts about Tillamook Cheese…

  • In the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest, Tillamook was voted world’s best medium cheddar cheese!
  • Tillamook is FARMER-OWNED and has been making its award-winning cheeses in Oregon since 1909.  That’s 101 years!!!  Farmer-owned…even better!!!  Support your local farms, as well as supporting any other farmer-owned company.
  • Tillamook only uses the highest quality milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.
  • Tillamook makes its own cheddar cheese…every day.
  • Tillamook Medium, Sharp and Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheeses are all naturally aged, which helps to create the unique great taste.
  • Tillamook is the #1 selling natural cheese brand in the West based on 2010 data.  In the West?????  I need this to be brought to the East Coast!  We do have the cheddar varieties available in Costco and other stores, but I want the pepper varieties, the aged varieties, every variety.

So with that being said, to quote the little button that came with my gift…I Loaf You, too Tillamook!  But, I Loaf You more, Uncle Jay for making my bad day cheesy.

Go get Cheesy!!!  – http://www.tillamookcheese.com/

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