The Masterpiece that is Life…

You ever have those days where you just feel like not being sugar-coated?  I have those days occasionally.  Those days where the world has turned against you.  Your tire has become flat, you locked yourself out of your car, you dropped a bag of groceries and broke your eggs, or you missed an important phone call.  We’ve all had those days.  The days where all you can think about is curling up in bed and calling it a day early, maybe even before supper time.  It’s on those days though, that we need to draw strength off of the wonders around us…..a sunrise, sunset, pretty clouds, or just plain ol’ improving someone else’s day for a change.

Your tires flat?  There must be something that God wanted you to stop and take notice of.  I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, but things happen for a reason.  We have choices that we can make, but He knows what He needs to have happen for His plan to come together and will take actions needed.  OK, so back to the tire.  Let’s think about some reasons it could have happened.  I got a flat tire in the parking lot of a post office one time…let’s go back there.  Maybe the person that came to assist me needed a break in their hectic day.  Yes, helping someone with a tire is hectic sometimes, but I am quite nice and fairly easy to get along with (in my opinion at least).  I may have added a ray of sunshine to his day.  What about the place I bought a tire from???  Maybe they had to make goal for the day so the boss wouldn’t be upset with them, and were just a tidbit off of that goal for the day.  What if the guy behind the counter had just ended up with a nasty customer before me, and I made his day better with showing him a kind heart?  You know what else it could have been?  God may have known there was a bad situation up ahead in my day, and He needed me to not go there.  So, being the stubborn redhead I am, He had to stop me since I might not have stopped myself.

You locked yourself out of your car???  No biggie…let’s go back to when I helped my friend get into her car.  We called AAA and were met immediately to unlock her car.  The tow truck driver was on his way to a bigger call, and knew he had a chance to swing by and unlock her doors really quick.  What if the guy was headed to something that may have put him in danger at that very second of arrival?  He could have been responding to a call off the side of the interstate and if the timing had been right, a dangerous driver could have swerved by them. 

The other two should be self-explanatory at this point of my post.  I shouldn’t have to explain them.  There are reasons for things.  Life is one big…..masterpiece.  Life isn’t all about you, as an individual.  You are a part of His masterpiece.  Where do you fit in to that masterpiece?  Remember, things that happen to you may not always be for your benefit in the book of life.  But, they do happen.  Your decision is whether you roll with the punches and make a decision to be happy, or do you plop down where you are in life, stick out your bottom lip and pout until you are drowning in your drool and self-pity.  Myself?  I choose the first option.  This is my life and as much as I hate to do this…..quoting Bon Jovi *sigh*….”It’s my life.  It’s now or never.  I ain’t gonna live forever.  I just wanna live while I’m alive.” 

Are you living today?  While living…are you killing the ones around you with kindness to make their day better?

To quote a wise woman no longer with us, much more worthy of quoting than Bon Jovi…my Granny…”Kill ’em with kindness.”


On a completely unrelated note and to lighten the mood now…Enjoy pics of the kitcat snuggling up with her Christmas Present, organic catnip…I swear, it is catnip…and, some pretty snow pictures…

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  1. Onyx,

    Love the post! I couldn’t agree more. I am working part time now at Dominoes to get me through until I am making ends meet with my new career. I am living not only on a limb but I have taken the ultimate leap of faith and am currently flying through the air. Hopefully my landing will be in a soft spot. When I come into work to deliver pizza I am always smiling and it drives my manager crazy. She’s usually mad at the world and her life is always hectic. She asked me one time “Why are you always smiling?” She didn’t know that I was following my dreams during the day and working their at night just to spread some Zack around. You have to follow your dream[s] in life to be happy. If you have enough of those ‘flat tire’ moments maybe He is telling you to try a different path.


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