Oh my googaly moogaly…

In my quest to explore more of my Southern cuisine and heritage, why not take a little challenge. Oh just a little one. No biggie really. Quite simple actually. Very minute indeed. WordPress has opened up a little challenge to us bloggers…A blog a day for 2011. “Goodness! Are you crazy Jen?” That’s what myself said to myself a second ago. But, ya know what? Not crazy at all. In fact, insane…just kidding! This is something that can be done.

A working woman that goes to work early, comes home after 10-hour days, (oh wait, not straight home after the workday, forgot the workout after work), then cooks dinner almost every night (minus Subway nights…YUM), has normal shows she likes to keep up with, and likes to be in bed by 10pm can surely put a post up every day. Crap…

Me, Myself and I can do this. Just as my quest to crush Truffle making will continue to see another day, my quest to post once a day will as well. Beginning…………….January 1, 2011.

A new year, a new beginning, a new me, a new post…..every…..single….beautiful….day…. (I’m excited!)

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