Eyes wide open…

On a random, non-food related post:  I was listening to the radio as I normally do…nope, don’t have an MP3 player yet.  Not sure if I really need one.  But, there was a line in a song that struck me odd and has been prodding at my mind all day in hopes of remembering to write about it on here.  The lyric is talking about the partner having their eyes wide open while kissing.  What is it about this that is so odd?  Why did he put this line in the song?  This never really has crossed my mind in detail, until now.  

I kiss with my eyes closed…and, I have kissed some frogs that kiss with their eyes open.  This was always kind of creepy to me.  What was so great that they had to look at while my eyes were closed?  I was investing myself into them…we’re they not investing the same back?  So as I pondered this, I came across a couple of options…

Southerners are passionate.  We are strong-willed and follow through most of the time with what we set our mind to.  We invest our whole being into our task at hand, and we try not to get distracted.  We are a passionate prideful people.  On that note, kissing should be passionate, right?  (Find a Southerner…we will show you what passion really is.)  I mean, for goodness sakes, why even do it if you don’t have passion behind it?  

The receiving party could be distracted and not willing to give you their full attention.  No one wants to kiss someone who isn’t providing full attention to them.  This could be true of those that kiss with their eyes open.

But, the most important I can think of…they don’t feel safe and secure.  Sharing a passionate kiss should give you the feeling of security and love.  You shouldn’t need to look over the other person’s shoulder, or look around to see who noticed.  You should feel secure enough to relax and just be.  Just be in the moment.  No thinking, just completely invested. 

Is it true what the song says…that he should have known she was trouble when she kissed with her eyes wide open?  Maybe so.  But, this may not be the case for everyone that kisses with their eyes open.  But, I would be a little concerned from personal experience…

Update: So the hub would like to reject my reality and substitute his own…he feels people keep their eyes open because they don’t want to miss anything. They want to see the other person’s reaction and if they are enjoying themselves…apparently he has his eyes open sometimes. I asked what my reaction is, and he replied that I am “smirky”. Hmmmmm…smirky. Yup, that sounds like me…

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