Darlin’ Dumplin’

Sounds like a mushy love name from the South doesn’t it?  So sweet and precious sounding.  We do have some funny love names for our loved ones around here.  Muffin (not muffin top, because that would be bad), Sweet Pea, Sugar Lips, Dimples, Suga’, Darlin’, Dear, Dumplin’, etc.  The list could go on and on.  We are very creative and can be quite loving here in the South.

Frankly, my list couldn’t go on and on.  I’m going to let you in on a little history here my friends.  Never have I let this cat out of the bag before, and if any one of you abuse this, there will be consequences (I’m just sayin’…beware of the next batch of cookies I bring to work…just kidding!).  I always had two nicknames growing up.  One I used to despise, and the other holds so much love I won’t be able to describe how it feels to hear it.  The first one…Stink Pot…nooooooo, not because I smelled.  It was because I was the only child, and for a bit of time I was the only girl grandchild local.  I’m guessing I was so spoiled you could smell me?  Is that how that works?  For being spoiled, I turned out quite alright in my opinion. 

The second one…near and dear to my heart…Sweetie Pie.  This was the one that my Paw-Paw would always use, my Maw-Maw would always smile and say, and my Mom would say once in a while.  It was the Grandparent’s nickname…and Stink Pot was hers I believe.  She wasn’t going to take their nickname for me, she obviously thought I was rotten instead of sweet like a pie.  I remember all birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. cards were always written to Sweetie Pie.  I would sign all my cards to them as Sweetie Pie as well.  I’m sure at some point in my adolescence I became embarrassed by it, but it never got old in my heart.  When Paw-Paw passed on, it was extremely hard to even write Sweetie Pie on a card, much less see it on a card to me.  I missed the days of hearing his voice utter those two words.  I still do.  I miss…him.

Darlin’, all this talk about nicknames is making me hungry!!!  Hungry for Darlin’ Dumplins’….

Darlin’ Dumplins’

You can put whatever your heart desires into these little Wonton Wrappers.  I initially set out to make Weight Watchers Pierogies.  Then I got creative and not-so-healthy.  I ended up making a sort of meat and potato combination for these.  A little Southern flare.  I mashed together a cooked baked potato, ground beef, cheese, a little fresh garlic and onion (this was sautéed with the beef), and a little cream of mushroom soup.  I put a dab in each Wonton Wrapper and closed them up the best way I knew how…wait, I don’t know how…I just wrapped it up like a blanket around a ball of goodness.  Then steamed them.  They were quite tedious, but in the end turned out to be quite delicious.

I don’t really have a recipe for you here.  It really is just an encouragement to use the Wonton Wrappers for whatever your heart desires.  Because, isn’t cooking from your heart what it’s all about anyways???

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  1. looks yummy. all but the onions. will have to try. everything can be good to the heart if done right. i may have another reciep for u. but its not meat yummy. how bout oatmeal mushroom patties. let me know….


  2. Dumplings are actually one of my favorite foods, especially Asian-style dumplings- I can totally chow down on pot-stickers any day.


    1. Me too! Love pot-stickers! I’m sure you have had some amazing ones in your travels. After making these…I realized how versatile wonton wrappers really are. Quite nice! Oooooooo…could make dumplings with an apple pie filling and bake them???


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