One thing I love about Fridays….

First and foremost I apologize for the brevity of this post.  I am super exhausted from a wonderful workout and a very productive day.  Ready to close my eyes and drift away…wait, already did that while watching Modern Marvels.  Oh well.

The one thing I love about Fridays is the anticipation of the Saturday breakfast.  It’s not normally a quick and easy breakfast.  It’s a thought out meal from the heart to kick start a fabulous weekend ahead.  Tomorrow…Banana Bread Pancakes.  I posted this earlier this week.

While you check those out…I’m checking into my bed…til time to prepare breakfast…

Written by The Onyx Plate

It's a new day and a new food journey. I'll be using this blog as a motivational tool to keep my husband and I in check on eating "healthier for us" dishes. I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us! Also, don't judge us if we go off the rails once in a while, or if I just need to get some random non-food thoughts out there! Happy to have you here in my kitchen and our lives!

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