The perfect 75 calorie snack!


On our trip to Ikea today, I picked Mom up some of these crackers she loves.  I also decided to pick myself up some.  They are each 40 calories a pop, not bad.

At home, patiently awaiting my return home, I had a new flavor of Laughing Cow Cheese.  Queso Fresco and Chipotle to be exact on the flavor.  35 calories a wedge, certainly not bad either.

So, I slapped some (so violent sounding) on a cracker and went to town (not literally, drove 3 hours round-trip for Ikea today, exhausted of driving).   This was so refreshing to my palate.  A yummy snack that I didn’t have to feel guilty eating.

For the record, this was only enjoyed after devouring some of Beaux’s Ultimate Tuna Salad on the same crackers….Fusion I guess….


  1. Oh, I’d already read this entry, but it had come straight to my inbox- so now I can finally comment online!

    First, Laughing Cow is absolutely amazing, and this quick and easy snack sounds like a perfect thing for us Great Chefs to make. Simple, delicious, and satisfying- the Holy Trinity of eating!


    1. Absolutely delicious! Have you tried their new flavors??? This one was really good. I haven’t tried the other two. One was Blue Cheese, and the other was a Basil something I believe.


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