It’s time to stop being complacent…

New year, new you, new resolutions to break.  We constantly set ourselves up for failure.  A majority of us set goals that are HUGE goals.  Goals that could possibly be realized, but the fact that we may fall off the plan on the way to realizing that goal can seriously sidetrack us with frustration and risk us giving up on the plan we set forth in front of us.  In turn, once we give up on these goals, due to setting them a little too far out to appreciate the gradual accomplishments in front of us, we become complacent in our old ways because they didn’t challenge us or cause us grief. 

According to Merriam-Webster, complacent means being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to change them.  Oh sure, being complacent makes life easier.  It makes it so that we can stay in our everyday comfort zone and not be challenged by everyday life.  But, doesn’t complacency lead us to eventually miss out on life?  It’s because we are so set in our own ways and “complacent” that we are unable to see that adventure waiting in front of us.  There is a whole world for your taking, and you are the only one standing in your way. 

It’s time to stop blaming others, and it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of your own complacency…yourself.  You are holding yourself back more than you know.  You are afraid…afraid of what?  That you are going to fail miserably?  That you are going to end up broken hearted?  Afraid that you will succeed and that life will forever be different?  What if that failing, broken heartedness, and ultimate success brings you to a different path in life that will bring you further happiness you never believed existed?

Yes, this is the pot calling the kettle black.  I need and am going to take my own aforementioned advice.  There is no reason I can’t become the person I envision.  I am the only one standing in my own way.  My first step to reclaiming life…was this blog.  My second step was to see the impact I am making on myself and others…already seeing it.  The third step…becoming a healthier version of myself.  Like I have said and Mom says all the time as well…not everything Southern is fried.  There is no reason I can’t become healthier.  To me, cooking like a Southerner is embracing what nature can provide to you.  Eating off of the fruits of your labor.  Being able to dig in the dirt (yes, I said dig in the dirt you prissy pots), get dirt under your fingernails and mud on the knees of your jeans, dig a hole, plant a seed, and watch it grow with all of the love you and God can provide.

With all of this above in mind, I have decided to make myself a little short-term goal.  Along with my fitness plan, I have decided to eat two vegetarian meals a day.  In the evening, I will have a balanced meal.  But, breakfast and lunch will remain meatless.  I am going to do this for one week to begin with.  I will add a week as the previous one closes.  And, IF I fall off the wagon for some reason, I’m not going to beat myself up.  This is life, we are humans, and God loves us regardless…..

So, as the first day of my challenge…For breakfast, the hub made Egg Substitute Omelets stuffed with sautéed jalapeno, onion, garlic cloves, and shredded low-fat cheddar cheese.  For lunch, I prepared (let me get the package so I can tell you exactly) Morningstar Grillers Prime patties and sautéed some fresh asparagus with the leftover jalapeno, onion, and garlic clove from this morning.  I also sprinkled in a little sea salt and black pepper with the EVOO, and served it with a little side of Siracha (that’s the spicy red sauce pictured).  The patties were delicious surprisingly!  I cooked them on the stove top on my grill pan.  I highly recommend these patties.  The asparagus…amazing!  I don’t think I have ever had asparagus that I have enjoyed so much.  Next time though, I will be snapping the dry ends off before cooking, as Mom advised me to do.  Hey, you’re always learning something in the kitchen.

Folks, it’s that time…it’s time to stop being complacent and start living your life!  What short-term goal are you setting this week???

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  1. You should totally go into a career of being a motivational speaker. This blog is SO amazing!

    Thereto in addition, I would say that my goals are two extensions of things I already do- I intend to write more (and actually submit my books for publishing) and spend more time in meditation.

    Also, I’m going to make it a plan to try to wake up earlier so I can attend Mass on Sundays instead of wanting to stay in bed. I guess that makes three goals.

    Maybe attempt to make new recipes and bake more often…four and five goals…this is piling up quickly.


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