Personal art work is the best kind there is…

Most of us have those drawings lying around from children.  The finger paintings, the crayon pieces of art, the first scribbles of a little hand, or the first true coloring inside the lines.  They don’t have to be from your children.  They can be from children at church, neighbor children, a friend’s child,  and yes…you’re own. 

I don’t have any scribbles lying around the house yet.  Hopefully, one day I will experience that frustration of not having any more room on the refrigerator door, and the dilemma on which one to put away to make room for the new piece of art.  Until then, I have to enjoy my own art work.  No they aren’t drawings of my own or paintings (although, I can paint a pretty picture).  They are photographs of the food I have been preparing on this site.  They are photographs that will hang in my kitchen proudly.  They will remind me every time I look at them where I am aiming.  They are truly a window to what I find beauty in…

I bought a couple of frames at Ikea the other day, and slapped (there’s that word again…so violent) six of my favorite pictures I have taken in them.  It was hard to choose…so let’s just say this will be the first set…I’m quite proud of myself. 

And that my friends, is what we have to be.  We can’t count on others to validate us.  Although, I hope you have the same support system as I am blessed to have.  We have to be proud of ourselves, our accomplishments, and our goals…


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  1. Have you considered selling such pictures? I think many people would pay good money to have high-quality photos of food hanging in their homes!


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