The label says it all…

We can attribute a lot of our eating habits to our up bringing.  It’s true, and I bet you can think of one thing that you do, that your parents or grandparents did.  As a developing individual, our surroundings can impact us more than we know.  The things we observe, the people we observe, the places we become accustomed to going.  And face it…we’ve all had that moment where we are talking or doing something, and you realize you have become your Mom or Dad.  Don’t deny it, you know you have! 

I grew up eating bananas.  In fact I remember something of being called a little monkey growing up.  Maybe this was because of all the bananas I consumed, or that I bounced around constantly.  Who knows?  Oh wait, Mom does…but, I’m sure she won’t go there on the blog.  She will remind me privately….

We always had Duke’s Mayonnaise in the fridge as well.  It was comforting to see the yellow lid in their waiting to be added to our fresh sandwiches…Which leads me to Banana and Duke’s Mayonnaise sandwiches.  Just as tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches had to be on white bread…so did these.  This was something I learned from Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw.  Of course a lot of individuals enjoy peanut butter in place of the mayonnaise like my wonderful Mom, and some enjoy both at the same time like Paw-Paw did (I personally found this particular combination unappealing).  But, me…give me a nice, fresh banana sliced to lie as close to flat on the bread as possible, a slather of Duke’s Mayonnaise, sandwiched between two soft pieces of white bread.  Talk about delicious!!!

So I leave you tonight (as the cat is staring at me beckoning me to feed her), with a picture of beauty…the all-powerful Banana and Duke’s Mayonnaise Sandwich…

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  1. Sorry honey…I gotta disagree with you on this one. Mind you, I come from a house divided here…..I am a mayonaise/banana kinda girl but Stephanie is die-hard, “that is gross”, peanut butter/banana stock. That being said, I’m with ya on the combination but it has to be JFG!


  2. Is there anyway you could make the font a little bigger on your blog? I always have to increase the font size on my browser so my old eyes can read it. Its like trying to read the terms and conditions from a credit card or something. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyways since I always have my computer read it to me aloud because I’m too lazy to actually read it. I do like to look at the pictures though.


  3. We’ve eaten a number of banana sandwiches in my home over the years. Bananas go well with peanut butter, in my humble opinion.

    My family also had a habit of having pineapple sandwiches. The pineapple rings work best for this, in my opinion, because crushed pineapple is too juicy and makes for a soggy sandwich.

    A kind of sandwich I’ve tried from Japanese recipes is strawberry. Strawberry sandwiches are incredibly sweet and savory, though, and they’re also a bit more difficult to make. Not unappetizing at all, mind you, just a tad more tedious.


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