The end of the Christmas food season…

We have been saving the one lone carton of Southern Comfort Egg Nog in the fridge until we couldn’t stand it anymore.  Every Christmas, it seems a non-thought to pick up the carton on the weekly trip throughout the season.  But, oh goodness!!!  The calories!!!  As I embark on renewing my commitment to healthier eating, it just had to disappear.  And, what better way to make something disappear than to consume it!  Every yummy calorie of it!  Besides the silver-lining of it being oh-so-delicious, it’s officially out of the fridge.  The temptation is no more. 

As I sadly close this Christmas food season…enjoy this picture of the eggnog formerly known as “The lingering high-calorie yumminess in our fridge”.

(Oh wait…I think I know where there are some Hickory Farms goodies still hanging out…let me go check…FOUND IT!)


  1. Ah, this post has a great point to it- from now on, the week after January 20th is the final week for all Christmas foods to be had! Yippee!

    I was fortunate enough to have some eggnog over the holiday season, and I enjoy it.


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