Potato Soup Bar…

Let’s face it people, you can’t beat a good homemade Potato Soup!  It’s an easy to personalize soup for each individual.  Every family makes theirs different with their own special touch.  But, basically it’s the same base: cream or milk (I use 2% low-fat milk), potatoes, butter, and salt and pepper to taste.

I’m all about the ease, so I have found that canned diced potatoes work out just fine as well.  It allows me to throw together a low-maintenance and quick potato soup.  Now that we have established that, most potato soup recipes are generic, let me remind you of the personalization part of it. 

In our household, we enjoy bacon and cheese on ours.  Fortunately, I still had some Tillamook Aged White Cheddar Cheese in my refrigerator.  I am telling you, again, you must must must must must try this cheese!  If you don’t have it local, order it through their website here…..Tastes better, because it’s made better.™  Along with the marvelous cheese, I had some fresh green onions on hand, portabella mushrooms waiting, and real bacon pieces.  This was definitely going to be a perfect Potato Soup Bar.

It was great!  I was a little skeptical about the mushrooms being added at first, but they turned out to be a nice “meaty” addition.  I decided to use a hand masher to break the potatoes up a bit, and this worked out nicely.  Just as with the Southern Biscuits post, I am not providing a recipe for Potato Soup.  Once again, I encourage you to explore your heritage and ask your elders for their Potato Soup recipe.  We all need to open our lines of communications with our older generations.

It’s Potato Soup and your palate…get creative with it!

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  1. Love Potato Soup! It always reminds me of Mom. She would make us Potato Soup when we were sick. It was always comforting and still is! It is amazing how different varieties of potatoes change the taste and texture of the soup.


  2. Oh, potato soup is truly one life’s little joys! My delight goes back to a Halloween party where we enjoyed a delicious potato soup and could customize it with several different options.


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