The time is upon us (FINALLY!)…World Nutella Day 2/5/11!

The time is upon us my friends!  So here it is…the menu has arrived!  I’ve got my grocery shopping done, my house is clean, and it’s that time!  What time is it???  It’s time to start baking!  I have included my menu below for your curiosity and approval.  I can’t wait to share pictures with everyone.  There will be plenty of recipes to last me a week (oh my, at least), as you will see below…

With all this below…you can follow the links beside the item for the recipe to almost every one.  There are some absolutely beautiful pictures associated with each one mentioned, as well as some wonderful blogs!  I urge you to check each one of them out. 

Happy World Nutella Day on Saturday, February 5!  Go purchase you a jar right this minute…you know you will be salivating by the end of the menu…tomorrow is the day to enjoy a spoonful of goodness!

World Nutella Day Party Menu


    1. You are so welcome! So many of my friends have never had it..the shame! Thank you for bringing us this wonderful day to make us smile! I’ve already started baking, with your Banana Nutella Brownies first on the list! Happy World Nutella Day, Michelle! :)


    1. I hope they do as well, although I don’t believe I can make them look as good as yours. :) I was quite surprised I even had a scalloped cutter to use for them! Happy World Nutella Day to you, Jessica!


  1. Wow! Hooray for Nutella!!! :D and thanks for including my recipe into your awesome-sounding celebration menu! The wine glass presentation will be adorable! Have fun!! :)


    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m looking forward to making them. I was quite shocked that I had to go to two different places before I found Lady Fingers though. People don’t know what they are missing! :) Happy World Nutella Day, Sue!


      1. I am! I have been pretty creative as of late…I tried a kale puttanesca this week that was delightful! :) Love your blog, keep it going!!


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