Be like the Croissant!!!

Yes, yes.  I said be like a croissant.  I’m serious.  In thinking about many of our everyday foods, we can relate to most of them.  Today was a day I needed to be like a croissant.

Think about it.  A croissant from it’s dough to it’s final product has many characteristics one should aim to exemplify each and every day. 

A croissant in it’s dough form is very flexible and stretchy.  It abounds out of it’s tightly packed container ready for it’s task at hand.  We should aim to be more flexible in life, and roll with the punches.  A good solid morning stretch to greet the sun never hurt anyone either.  There are too many things that keep us stationary.  We need to burst out of our own encasings and reach high for our dreams.  You can’t have a dream come true without a dream to build on, right?

During the croissant dough’s life, it becomes what it dreamed to be…a croissant.  When heated, it grows into something so satisfying, that you can’t help but feel a bit of drool lingering out the corner of your mouth thinking about it.  The dough rises to the occasion under the heat of the moment…literally.  When life gets tough, we can’t just lie down flat.  We have to rise.  We have to use our God-given talents and abilities to rise above the rest.  Make yourself known.  Find something in life that brings you the joy you have always felt was missing…start a blog about Southern food……..rise!

When completing it’s baking process, the croissant becomes flaky, buttery, and golden.  It’s ok to be flaky in life sometimes.  You don’t always have to have the answers, you know?  You are allowed to make mistakes.  You are allowed to play dumb for the attention of the opposite sex.  You are allowed to have fun!  Oh to be buttery always…don’t you wish you could always have that smooth Southern Belle way of doing things?  We need to remind ourselves and others that it’s ok to be smooth, sweet, and kind.  It’s ok to be a little buttery…just not greasy buttery.  That wouldn’t be good.  And, when you rise to the occasion, make sure you are doing it to where you come out for the better, golden.

A croissant can be a very classy addition to any meal.  It can also be a little bit country when it needs to be.  We need to be like this in life as well.  Life is full of diverse people surrounding us in our everyday lives.  Embrace them.  Be able to compliment anyone you are around.  You are the croissant remember?…the perfect little side item.

Croissants can be very supportive when wrapping them around other goodies.  They nestle in a lot of different items and keep them warm and in place.  It’s ok to snuggle, people!  We all want to be held, loved, and supported.  I don’t care who you are, we do.  Don’t forget to support the ones you love and care for.

So, whether you are serving them wrapped around sausage links or sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for breakfast, or wrapped up with ham and cheese (preferably Tillamook Cheese) for lunch, or complimenting an already amazing dinner, or being served as an appetizer (my preference), we must learn to be the croissant. 

Now that you have learned about being the croissant…go eat some and eat the croissant!!!

Below you will find different ways I have used croissant dough/rolls throughout my cooking.  Enjoy!

You can check out the EggNog Bread Pudding recipe here…I used croissants in that recipe.

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      1. lol so creative! and yea i was just asking in general…maybe they are called ruglase or something..idk i think im spelling it wrong. oh well hehe


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