Things to lick off your fingers…

**Let’s face it folks, this post could go many different ways.  I only ask that you stay focused on food for this post.  **smiles**

With all of these sanitizers, wipes, soaps, etc. out there, one can’t help but resist the urge to lick their own fingers.  You know as well as I know that if you lick your fingers shortly after putting on lotions or sanitizers, you are bound to taste the yuckiness of something that isn’t meant to be licked.  Therefore, before I eat, I never put on lotions or sanitize.  I invite you to rebel with me!  The most I do is wash my hands with a non-scented soap thoroughly.

Licking your fingers is half the fun of eating some dishes, and heaven forbid you get a bitter aftertaste while licking brownie batter off your finger.  It might make you think something’s wrong with the brownies…

There are two things I feel very strongly about and don’t heed warnings with.  I don’t hold back from eating raw cookie, brownie, or cake batter because there are raw eggs in it (our ancestors did this for years and lived long, happy lives), and I don’t hesitate to lick my fingers when they look appetizing (we all could use a little taste).

As a result of eating hot wings tonight, I was thinking what were some other items that I enjoy licking off my fingers.  It could be a dab of this, a dribble of that, a sploch of this or drip of that.  If something looks good, and it’s on my fingers, they are going in my mouth.  Anyone grossed out yet?  Great, I’m not either!

Let’s think about it….A few things that are appetizing to lick off one’s fingers…

  • Nutella!!!  (duh!)
  • The chocolate covered cherry you held too long in your hand to where it is leaving melted chocolate spots all over.
  • Hot Wing Sauce
  • Corn on the Cob!
  • Fresh Salsa fallen off the chip
  • Fresh chopped and pitted cherries
  • That little drip of sweet tea running down the side of the glass rim from where you just had your lips pressed to drink.
  • The little dab of Heinz 57 Steak Sauce on the rim of the bottle that you need to clean off before closing the bottle so it doesn’t get “messy”.
  • A dribble of grape jelly that has fallen out of the already slam-packed PB and J sandwich from which you are holding delicately in your hands so as not to squeeze out any more of the goodies.
  • RIBS
  • The remnants of Lawry’s or Sea Salt off of fresh french fries.
  • Fried Chicken is always Finger Licking Good – KFC says so!
  • The sploch of brownie batter that didn’t quite make it in to the pan, but it fell on your clean kitchen counter, so you take your pinky finger and slop it up to lick off.
  • The drip of honey as it creeps off the edge of your hot buttery Southern Buttermilk Biscuit before you can get it in your mouth and it falls right on your hand.

There are so many yummy things, it’s hard to name them.  Don’t think just because you got something on your fingers that you have to immediately wash them off.  Lick them, then wash them……that could be the best bite you just let go!

What are your favorite food items to lick off of your fingers???

Happy finger-licking good times everyone!

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