Branching out!

Had an idea and lust for change…check!  Realize I have support from all angles in my life…super triple check!  Started a blog…check!  Made it my own domain…check!  Started a Twitter page…check!  Figured out how to use Twitter…halfway check!  Got featured on the homepage…check!  Blessed enough to be featured on…check (these last two really were goals, promise)!  Created a Facebook page…as of today…CHECK! 

As I am on the way to 10,000 views, I wanted to make sure I reiterated my love for each and every one of you guys.  I truly appreciate your support, and I wish I could give back to you something special.  Until I figure out what that special thing is…I can give you my thoughts, ideas, recipes, and love through my writing and photography.  I have been truly blessed, and you guys are all a part of the blessing!

Thank you for helping me add to the JOY in life…I wish you joy beyond your wildest imagination, you are worth it, and you deserve it!

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  1. Love all the hearts! I believe they are found in the most common things as a gift from God. Thank you for sharing your love. You have my heart!


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