A perfect morning….


Yes, we can all make gourmet items for breakfast.  I take great love and joy in making these items as a matter of fact.  Sometimes though, I enjoy the simplicty of a good bowl of Froot Loops.  Something about the ease of preparation and the comfort of knowing it will always taste just the way you remembered it, make it the perfect breakfast.

I wonder if I have any of this wonderful delight in the cabinet for tomorrow morning…….

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It's a new day and a new food journey. I'll be using this blog as a motivational tool to keep my husband and I in check on eating "healthier for us" dishes. I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us! Also, don't judge us if we go off the rails once in a while, or if I just need to get some random non-food thoughts out there! Happy to have you here in my kitchen and our lives!


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