Hungry Jack and Honey Bear

No, these aren’t sweet Southern nicknames…although, they would make great nicknames for the right people.  In my under-the-weather kind of mood lately, I have still been cooking and keeping the hub fed well.  This morning, I woke up and asked him if he minded making me some warm buttered pancakes with syrup.  He happily obliged (sort of).  Anytime I tell him that he can be creative with the pancakes, he always ends up making a delicious pancake. 

As I finally mustered up the energy to make it into the den, I discovered he already had the coffee going, and he was in the process of squeezing the honey bear into the batter of whole wheat Hungry Jack pancakes.  Yum, Yum!  He proceeded to prepare his creation of honey-wheat pancakes, and we enjoyed a nice warm Sunday morning breakfast. 

My Honey Bear may not cook very much around here, but when he does, it is truly delicious.  His Hungry Jen appreciates it very much!

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