I Un-Skinnied my Cow…

I have fallen in love with these fabulous Skinny Cow bars…win.  They are white mint truffle flavored.  Such a nice, refreshing, and light treat.  I also was already in love with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies…fail.  As a majority of you know, it is Girl Scout cookie time.  We have a few boxes of them here, of which I have only had a small portion of each box.  We are maintaining self-control very well, surprisingly. 

The two aforementioned items seemingly were meant to be together.  I took the ice cream off of the bar and into a bowl.  I topped it with 4 crushed up Thin Mint cookies…this was a match made in heaven!

I shouldn’t unskinny the cow very often, but this was a nice change.


  1. Someone told me recently of an event that happened in Florida in which a 400 lb. woman attacked her roommate because she thought she had stolen her thin mint cookies. True story.

    That being said, thin mints really ARE that good, so it’s understandable.


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