A note to my readers…

I’M STILL HERE!  I’ve just been taking time to enjoy life lately.  As I had posted about in the past, electronics take up too much of our time in life.  We don’t take time to smell the world around us enough.  I have been lately, and I want to smell it more often (maybe not some of the things, but you get my point).  I work a 10-hour day, work out at the fitness center after work (most days, honest), and then come home to cook.  By the end of these events, I am exhausted.  I found that a majority of my evenings in recent weeks had been spent blogging after these long exhausting days, and I began to miss out on my world at home.  I can admit it, some of the chores fell behind a bit, the cat wasn’t too happy about her lap being taken up by a laptop instead of the lapcat, and I wouldn’t blame the hub if he felt a little neglected.  He hasn’t said anything about this though, he has been quite supportive. 

With all of this being said, I am withdrawing from the PostADay2011 challenge.  I fully give my support to all the others doing it, but I, myself, must embrace the world around me more, so I can have beautiful wonderful Southern food and things to write to you about.  Not to mention, one of our most beautiful seasons in the South begins soon!  Yay for Spring in the South!!!  In fact…the daffodils are already blooming in my backyard…and Spring is in my heart. 

Now, I’m just waiting to plant all my goodies and those tomato plants the hub still doesn’t know we’re planting…………………*evil grin*

Love to you all,



  1. I think that it’s great that you know where you limits are, and that you’ve been able to decide for yourself that this is your limit. Maybe you can take up the Post a Week Challenge instead; I’m sure in doing that, you’ll actually triumph with flying colors.

    Oddly enough, I mentioned the other day to Gigi something similar about wanting to withdraw, but she encouraged me; I’m writing two different blogs on a daily basis, so the challenge has been double the stress.

    In an odd way, I enjoy it, though.

    Don’t worry; your faithful followers are all still here, waiting for your next blog!


    1. Oh yeah! I forgot about the weekly challenge. I will surely do that then. I encourage u as well, however I encourage you to do what’s in your heart. Even though you are enjoying the slight stress, something you love to do, shouldn’t cause u stress……your loyal followers will be waiting for every post as well, whatever u choose! You do lead so much more of an exciting life, my dear Beaux….*smiles*


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