This Little Piggy Went to Market…

In this instance, it’s ok to refer to myself as a Piggy.  I’ve come to terms with it.  I enjoy food…so, if that makes me a Piggy….so be it.  I will wear the badge with honor, until the wrong person calls me one. *smiles* 

This little Piggy has been waiting to try out her local Farmer’s Market for the first time ever.  I am so excited this year since I have developed my new taste buds for a plethora of healthy, fresh foods!  In the meantime though, I found a new “marketish” place to go for fresh goodies.

Saturday began with the fact that I desperately needed new running shoes, as I have begun upping the intensity of my workouts in the afternoons.  So, Mom and I went to this wonderful store on Saturday…Off n’ Running.  Talk about intelligent and friendly customer service.  It was fantastic!  They did the whole foot analysis with your pressure points.  They put you on the treadmill after each shoe you tried on to check the way your gait was affected with the shoe style, etc.  I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience.  Kudos to Off n’ Running, and kudos to my new Asics!

Now that you have the backstory of the day…the store was right across from The Fresh Market.  Yeah, there are a lot of these stores around, and maybe I should have already explored this store before now.  (Yes, I definitely should have found the store before now.)  It was well lit, colorful, smelled wonderful, everything looked like I could dive into it right then and there.  The customer service wasn’t too bad either…actually quite good.  Although, there was this one guy at the cheese counter.  We passed by him, and he looked like he was at least 7 foot tall behind the cheese counter.  He was quite attractive at this height.  Then, we realized he was just standing on a platform for some reason, and in reality, he was only around my height.  It took away a few attractive points when he became shorter, but nonetheless, still semi-attractive.  Mom and I talked about Tillamook and encouraged him to order some different varieties of Tillamook Cheese instead of just the Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  Just because we’re on the East Coast, doesn’t mean we can’t dream of a better local selection. 

They didn’t just have fresh vegetables there.  They had a variety of items that you usually are unable to locate in your favorite local grocery store.  I found a couple of things that I had been looking for.  I left the store with Hot Hungarian Paprika (been looking for this one a while), Jamaican Jerk Seasoning (time to mix things up a bit), a Triple Berry Pound Cake loaf (bad, Jen), bakery-fresh croutons (love me some croutons!), green bean chips (dehydrated green beans essentially), wasabi snack mix (yum!), and all-natural chocolate oatmeal (wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, sadly).

All in all, it was a great shopping trip to The Fresh Market…can’t wait for our Farmer’s Market to be in full force!

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  1. It was a great shopping trip! I agree about the Dark Chocolate Oatmeal. Not as devilishly delish as I was expecting. Off N’ Running was a fantastic place! The Fresh Market was a burst of color, smells, and visual pleasures. Thanks for letting me tag along.


  2. ur so lucky!!1i am still looking for a local market in my area! but none found yet….i want fresh fruits and veggies!!! lol…but i guess organic frozen ones are good too lol


  3. I like this post – especially because of mentioning the Hungarian paprika :-) It sure is good! Those running shoes and the service sound awesome – i hope they’ll work out for you.


    1. Hi Anna. Thanks! I used it with a bit of sauteed onion tonight. I also tried a bit on my the tip of my tongue as well. It actually is quite good! The shoes are working out great. I feel more comfortable when I run, and my shins aren’t hurting nearly as bad. Thank you for the wishes! :o)


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