Say “Hello” to my little friend…

In the South, and I’m sure most everywhere, we show different members of our family with different levels of love.  We do and do for each other until we run dry of “things” to give, but we always have love to give to one another when the “things” fall short or run low. 

(I am hoping my friends don’t mind me once in a while talking about items other than food.)

The hub and I purchased a home in 2009, and we were very much lazy with the landscaping of our home.  I mean come on people…first time homebuyers, subdivision home, landscape already done for us pretty much, two people working 40 plus hour work weeks…Why do anything right away?  Later down the road, we figured there was something missing.  It was.  The yard was missing our own personal touch of love.  The part that made our yard ours. 

Maw-Maw had told us when we first bought the house that she would buy us a tree.  We hadn’t figured out where to put such said tree, so it went along with the laziness and was pushed to the side.  But folks, a time came when it just felt right to get our butts outside and do something.  (Ok, so fantastic weather came last year.  I’ll admit it.)  We went to Southern States, spent hours picking out the perfect tree with the perfect amount of leaves on it for the time we were buying it, tossed it in the back of the truck, and headed home.  Oh lord, by the time we got home not a single leaf was left on our poor tree (it didn’t like the wind whipping it about obviously).  Nonetheless, we made it home (only losing one limb during the trip…oops), dug a hole (that was tough work), planted our little tree, and named her.  She was ours.  Our beautiful new tree given to us by my wonderful and loving Maw-Maw. 

Our little tree never did anything special last year, probably in shock from the erratic driving of the hub on the way home that day.  But, I kept a nice vigil of watering her, and tending to her every need.  For a little bit there, we didn’t even think she would make it. 

To our surprise, this year, she’s in full bloom and looks beautiful!  She is thanking us for taking care of her when she came to our new home.  She is showing us how happy she is with us.  Thank you, Maw-Maw for the lovely gift. 

Friends, I want you to meet Yoshi, our Yoshino Cherry Tree.  Yoshi ran out of leaves and blooms to give last year, but this year she is giving back in full force all the love she can.  Yes, I said family earlier.  I never said your family had to be a human, did I?

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