Caking with Mom: Foreplay of Baking

Everyone knows you need to have the oven the right temperature before baking your items or the end result just won’t be any good, and may cause unnecessary frustration.  That’s why preheating is the foreplay of baking. 

(Some of the entries in the series will be short and sweet.  Some will be full of words.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them all.)

I can say I am completely guilty of putting something in the oven before the oven has reached it’s temperature.  I’m not known to be the most patient of cooks.  This may be why a lot of my dishes contain items that I precook on the stove, and then place in the oven.  Seems I don’t know what to do with free time when something is in the oven.  Regardless, when not preheating, you can find the time it takes to bake something slightly off and sometimes completely off.  This creates more frustration normally when you may be on a schedule, or you’re trying not to eat so late after a long day of work.

Preheating is another important part of baking/cooking/etc.  My suggestion, as soon as you start reading a recipe that requires an oven, skip to the directions and find the temperature of the oven.  Consider it like reading the end of the book before you even get started…but, not in a bad way.  *smiles*  This way, no matter how long you take to prep and combine, Mr. Oven is primed and ready to go.


Has anyone else ever heard to make a wish when the clock is at 11:11?  Think about it.  It’s the only time during the day when all four numbers are the same, and it only happens twice a day.  This is another point that it’s the little things in life that add excitement to the daily grind.  And, yes…….I make a wish or say a little prayer every time I see the clock on 11:11.  Embrace the little things in life.


  1. Oddly, I see the clock frequently at 11:11, 5:11, 3:33…it’s a spooky phenomenon.

    From now, I’ll make such a wish and dedicate it to you!


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