Caking with Mom: Grease Monkey

No, I’m not talking about working on a car.  I’m talking about working in the kitchen with Mom.  Another important part of the caking process, or baking in general, is the greasing of your pan.  There may be a more eloquent term for it, but that’s not what I’m all about.  I’m here to tell it to you how I would speak to you in person, as you will see in the recipe for making your own Pan Grease below.  *smiles* 

It’s important to get all of the corners, all of the bottom of the pan, and don’t forget the sides of the pan.  The worse feeling is when you have worked for a while putting together the perfect batter, and when it comes to removing it from the pan, you lose big chunks. 

Granted…I enjoy the little goodies that stick to the pan regardless of how much greasing you did.  It’s the best thing to lick off your fingers when it comes to the cake process….ok, minus the icing.  This is what Mom and I were met with after removing the main cake from the pan…..DELICIOUS!!!


So where does the monkey part come from?  Mom always used to call me a monkey when I was acting silly or bouncing around endlessly.  I don’t think I ever hung from the chandeliers.  But, I am fairly sure, with the wonderful childhood I had, and as happy of a child as I was, that I bounced around quite a bit, hence being a monkey in Mom’s eyes.

Instead of using Pam, Baker’s Joy, store-bought Wilton pan grease, etc… can make your own with the recipe below.

Pan Grease

Equal parts each of:

  • Crisco
  • Canola Oil
  • Plain Flour

Combine by all ingredients by beating the heck out of them.  Keep it in a jar in the cabinet for future use.  When using, make sure to stir very well before using.

And always be creative when greasing…keep the process fun and loving!


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