Caking with Mom: It’s almost done…

This entry is dedicated solely to the pictures that make my mouth water and cause drool to drip onto my good shirts…

This cake is for a little girl’s baby shower.  Of course, it had to be a pretty pink.  That leads me to another great thing about icing…when coloring it, the dye gives your fingers, tongue, and teeth a nice saturated semi-permanent hue.  You know as a kid you used to love running to the mirror after consuming icing to examine your teeth.  *smiles*  It always told your parents how well you actually did brush your teeth.

I know I haven’t told any of you what the end result looks like…but, you won’t want to miss it!  My Mom truly is a cake genius.

*All hands pictured have been and are always thoroughly washed.  I have been blessed to have a very clean Mom. 


  1. Your comment about a clean Mom reminded me of cooking with my Granny. Whenver I helped her in the kitchen, I had to wash my hands three times! That was her rule and I have always done that when I bake. I guess I made too many mudpies!


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