Caking with Mom: Prepping the Cake for Perfection

Sooooooooooooo, I didn’t mean to, but I did tell a slight fib….icing is coming.  But, we have to prep the cake first.  Mom had to first cut the cake to specifications before icing it.

You can use many tools you have around the house to trim your cake.  A plastic cup makes a great edge of a circle.  You can also use miscellaneous hardware tools.  Just make sure the tools you use on your cakes always have and always will be used solely in the kitchen, folks. 

To make your cakeboard fun and beautiful…wrap it in an appropriate wrapping paper for the event, and then cover the paper with Press n’ Seal.  You get a grease proof coating on your board, and it’s easily cleanable and can be reused.  Make multiple boards to be prepared for different events.

Just like in life, it’s all about MacGyvering things.  Make it work for you.  There is not a wrong or right way to do something, there is only the way you feel most comfortable with.  Get creative with it, and summons the power of MacGyver!

Can you tell what we created yet?

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  1. You can also use Contact Paper to cover the wrapping paper . Just be sure you wash it with soap and water before placing your cake on it.


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