Caking with Mom: Your Lines Must Be Straight!

I know I have mentioned in past posts that food doesn’t always have to be perfect.  Cookies don’t have to be perfectly round because it is homemade love, etc.  But, those are COOKIES people!  Not, cake.  A cake done to perfection says it is made with love and care as well in a different way.  A sloppy cake is not known to have been made with love.

A good caker (this is just what I have come to call the ones skilled enough for doing beautiful cakes) has all of their lines perfectly and beautifully straight.  All designs on the cake are spaced evenly, and things are centered and level.  I’m sure if my Mom chose to, she would use a real level on the cakes she makes….she’s that good. 

This one is short and sweet (hehe, icing is super sweet!).  Granted this is an actual cake tool that Mom is using to make her lines.  But, why couldn’t you use the spare blind that comes with a pack of mini-blinds?  *smiles*

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  1. The cake tool is a flower former, but you could use a ruler and measure. You can tell we used pink food coloring! My hands look freaky. hahahaha!


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