Caking with Mom: Design Time!

Ok, folks.  This is the first of the last three Caking with Mom postings.  I am so thankful for everyone that has read every single one of these in the series.  Your support is truly appreciated.  And, I can honestly say this experience has left me with a better understanding of how much work goes into the cake process, along with how much respect people like my dear Mom deserve for their craft.

Now that we have the crumbcoat perfected….on with the design!  It always amazes me how Mom can keep her hands so steady and make perfectly beautiful designs.  My hat goes off to all of our talented bakers and cake makers out there…you guys truly light up our world!  My sweet tooth never goes away, so never stop doing what you do best!

Enjoy these pictures.  I sure did enjoy taking them and spending time with Mom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together on this cake. Cakes are a lot of work, but work done with love. I love you!


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