Caking with Mom: The Final Touch of Love

In the end, just like in life, it’s the little added touches that make everything worthwhile.  Whether it is something as simple as a kind smile added to your day from a stranger, or a special delivery coming in the mail.  It’s all about the special touches of life you and others add daily.

Here, Mom is putting on little edible “pearls”.  They are hand-rolled out of fondant and then dusted with an edible pearl dust.  Every little girls outfit needs a touch of love and pearls…



The final product, a little baby girl sweater with booties to match, made with love.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I did.  May God continually bless your life with love and happiness all the days ahead. 

It’s time now to return to our regularly scheduled program…at least until another series opportunity presents itself.  *smiles*


  1. My darling Jennifer, you have honored me with your words and pictures. More importantly, you have made me proud to be your mother. I will always cherish every cake memory we have made together, and look forward to making more cake memories. I hold dear in my heart the memories I have of my little girl, red hair in curls, eyes alight with laughter, smiles full of love and a heart open to life. I hold dear my darling, my daughter. Thank you for lettimg me share this series with you, for letting me share your life. I love you.


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