Win for Triscuits and the Home Farming Movement!

I always love my grocery trips.  I also always love picking up a box of Triscuits.  Never have I been so excited as I was today to pick up my box of Triscuits though.  It’s so catchy, it’s brilliant! 

“Plant a seed, Grow a movement.”

On the front of the box, it has the above catchy slogan.  On the back, it boasts that there is a seed card glued inside the box.  A seed card to grow BASIL!  The reduced-fat one had a seed card for Dill!  Not being the biggest Dill fan, I opted out of the normal reduced-fat pick-up, and went with the regular Triscuits for the Basil.

It’s a campaign that seems to be the right direction for Triscuits.  They are already full of whole grain yumminess.  Now their box serves a beautiful purpose as well to bring a touch of love to our own yards and homes.

Thank you, Triscuits, for encouraging the Home Farming Movement brought to us all by Urban Farming – a non-profit organization.

Everyone, I encourage you to go buy a box today and start your Home Farming.  So inspiring!  The Rosemary and Cilantro will be delighted to have a third Musketeer.  *smiles*

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  1. I bought some off-brand Ritz the other day, and now I think it may be time to purchase the Triscuits and whip up some delicious recipes with them. Obtaining the different seed cards is like playing the Pokémon trading card game! Er, sort of.

    Thanks, as always, Ms. Onyx Plate. Now I’ll have something to make and write about.


    1. You’re welcome, Beaux! Note to self though: Maw-Maw bought her some today. BUT, she opened up her box and was unable to find the seed card. So she threw away the cardboard square that was inside the box. In actuality, the cardboard square has the seeds in it. They didn’t label the cardboard square. You can barely feel the seeds in between the layers, but they are there. :) Enjoy your Triscuits!


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