Hello my baby, hello my darlin’, hello my Cilantro!

I finally picked the first sprig off of my from-seed Cilantro plant.  I’m not sure why I am so fascinated with it this year.  Last year was horrible for my Cilantro plant.  We had a horrible drought that it clearly did not like.  I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to let it flower or it would stop producing the flavorful leaves.  I still don’t have that much education on it (and, I need to write a reminder to google it). 

Or, maybe I am so fascinated by it because it truly didn’t do well last year, and it seemingly arose from the rubble to produce a beautiful plant this year.  I knew I wanted to plant Cilantro this year, because I was doing tomatoes as well.  You can’t go wrong with fresh, on-the-fly salsa.  It just wasn’t decided where to grow it this year, attempt it inside, or possibly lose it again outside.  I didn’t have to make that decision this year though.  God made it for me.

Just like in life, we are faced with dilemmas.  Just when we feel all hope is lost, or the maximum of confusion and indecision, God finds us a way.  He guides us to places he knows we will thrive.  All things happen for a reason.  All things grow where they do for a reason.  Grow where you’re planted…there’s a reason you’re there.



    1. You’re welcome, Jennifer. I love Cilantro (obviously). I unfortunately need to explore more to do with it. I’ve kind of become complacent with just using it for salsa. Any ideas for me?


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