Never made from a mix, always from scratch…

I do have to give my apologies first hand.  I will not be posting my grandmother’s recipe for Banana Pudding on here.  I am sure there are many that are like hers, but I am pulling the “It’s a secret” card on this one.  It’s the one thing I have of my grandmother’s (this isn’t Maw-Maw I’m talking about), and I truly hold it dear in my heart.

Today was Mother’s Day, and I know how much my beautiful Mom loves Banana Pudding.  Not just any, but my grandmother’s recipe.  I could go all into my Mom on here again, but you guys that have been reading know how much I love my Mom, and how much I cherish every moment with her. 

So, today I am going to just mention my grandmother really quick.  Her name was Margaret, and she died very very shortly after my birth.  I never got to know her, and frankly I didn’t get to know my grandfather extremely well until a few years before his death.  These are the parents of my father, and we didn’t see them as much as we probably could have while I was growing up, by choice of my father.  I honestly wish I would have gotten the privilege of knowing my grandmother.  I wonder what I would have called her?  What was she like?  What did she think about my parents marrying?  What were her hopes and dreams for her own future while she was growing up?  There are so many questions I am sure I missed out on, but those are just a few.  I’m sure she was beautiful, and kind just like my Maw-Maw.  I was very fortunate growing up to have my Maw-Maw (Mom’s Mom).  She did the job of two grandmas, and I am forever grateful for her love.

Therefore, as an ode to the grandmother I never knew, I never make Banana Pudding from a pudding mix, etc.  It is ALWAYS from scratch…just the way Grandma made it.  *smiles*

You know a recipe is special when you have the words “Use this one” written above the title of the recipe in your own cookbook in your own handwriting….Yum!

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  1. This was absolutely fabulous! Thank you for a wonderful treat. It is a treasured recipe that I am happy you have now mastered. Thank you!


    1. Yummy! I have my great aunts recipe and i didn’t know until I was a teenager there was any other kind of banana pudding!!!! And I imight, I won’t eat it if its made of pudding mix!


      1. Good for you! I think too many people take “from-scratch” recipes for granted. Not everything can be shortcuts in life….especially not timeless recipes. Make your aunts recipe, and let me know how it turns out. I’m sure it will be yummy!


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