A juicy taste of things to come…

Mom and I picked a wonderful bunch of strawberries
today. It was my first time, and it made it even sweeter to experience it with
Mom. The first thing she told me…. “Eat as many as you want in the field. It’s
just what you do.” *smiles*

This was just the beginning of my strawberry
adventures today. My day ended with fresh Strawberry Jam, and was filled with
beautiful pictures. Strawberry posts will be coming out in the next few days.
But, for now, I leave you with some beautiful shots of the field and the at home
work. Strawberry Love to you all!

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  1. I had a great time too! It was somewhat embarrassing to go to the barn after picking with the strawberry juice all over the front of my shirt…. Thanks for not taking a picture of that! Do you think they knew I ate some berries in the field?? hahahahahaha! Love you! Can’t wait to see the other posts.


  2. Suddenly I have this urge to go listen to a song that goes a little like, “Straw-ber-ry fieeeeelds forever!”


    1. Funny enough, I had never heard that song until you posted this. Now, I can say I officially have heard it! How about doing something with strawberries this year so I can have some new ideas too? I’m sure you could think of some wonderfully delicious things.


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