Do you know a Sierra?

Let me first start off by saying that I hope you all have a Sierra in your life. Sierra is one of our bubbly neighbor kids. She’s the kid that makes you WANT to have kids. Now her parents might be able to correct me if I’m wrong, but the Sierra I have come into contact with is sweet, giving, loving, and awful smiley and giggly. There’s many more words, but let’s just say she’s a good kid to sum it all up. I am a firm believer that it takes good parents to raise a good kid. So, she has good parents as well, and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.

All the mush aside…Ms. Sierra created more work for me this year. How sweet? Granted, it’s not going to be that much work. But, when you’re already done planting what you were going to plant, and something else pops up to plant………it creates more work. So, now that you know how I originally felt, I can move on to how I really feel now. *smiles*

It was a little before dinner time if I remember correctly, and Sierra’s mom advised me that Sierra had something for me. I’m always excited when I get surprises (hopefully the husband just might read this one, and get a clue). Here came this beautiful little girl (and, I do mean beautiful – she’s a cutie pie) bringing this plastic container over – the plastic container resembled the type a flower corsage would be in. From what I could see as she approached were about one-inch diameter dark brown, almost black balls. Oh, my heart skipped a beat! Here she was bringing me chocolate truffles! The best surprise ever! Mmmmm, were they dark chocolate? Were they filled with a creamy center? Did they have nuts in them? Ooooo, were they from the local chocolate shop here? Ummm….nope. Though this chocolate lover’s heart skipped a beat earlier, it now was sinking low as I realized this wasn’t a gift of chocolate. However, it was a gift, and I did change my perception of it quickly.

In the end, Sierra had brought me six seed pods that she had started in school. Her momma couldn’t grown them because their dogs wouldn’t let them even make it to the sprouting stage. Here’s the catch – she only knew one was pumpkin. Wait, I don’t even think that was a positive answer on the pumpkin. Heck, I don’t know what they are. Another dear neighbor friend of ours has a kid in the same grade, and did the same thing. I asked her, she didn’t know what they were either. Fun stuff. *smiles* Although, now that they have actually sprouted. I can confirm that one is corn (I think), and I think one is just grass (maybe)? I added pictures below if you guys can help me identify them any.

Yes, Sierra made more work for me after I thought all of my planting was done. But, at the same time, Sierra created a surprise for me – six surprises to be exact. Remember, I love surprises. She gave me a better surprise than truffles ever could have been. She showed me neighborly love, youth innocence, sharing, and best of all…a friend to plant them with.

Sierra – if you’re reading this…we’re planting today. And, don’t forget you promised to help me take care of them as they grow. I know where you live kid. *wink wink* Also, thank you. Thank you for being a good kid. The world needs more of them.

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