BBQ sauce makes life sexier…

There’s so much to be said about BBQ here in North Carolina. Soooooooo very much. The main thing is the East and West battle of the sauces. One is more vinegar based, one is more tomato based. And, you know what? That’s fine and dandy with me. I can appreciate the beauty in both styles. Sometimes you want to lick it off your fingers, sometimes you want to sop your cornbread in it or add it to slaw. What’s most beautiful is when you find a sauce that can take care of you both ways. Simply said…yum!

I recently met back up with a childhood friend of mine. You know the type of childhood friend where it’s been around 20 years since you’ve seen them – dang that makes me feel old! Regardless of how old it made me feel, there was one huge plus that came out of the meeting – besides finding the male version of me…I know, scary for the world – a new BBQ sauce to try!!! *smiles*

Allow me to introduce you to Tay’s Southern BBQ Sauce – Voted #1 in the Mild BBQ Sauce category at the 2010 NC Hot Sauce Contest. Fourth place at the 2010 National Best of the Best BBQ Sauce Competition in the Tomato Mild category.

But, don’t take it from the judges. Take it from me! My readers, of all people, know I love to support local farmers and businesses with truly good products because goodness really does grow in NC. From Tay’s site – Tay’s Sauce, LLC is part of the fast growing “Goodness Grows in NC”, a department of the North Carolina Agriculture and Consumer Services.

How could you not support your local folks that make your mouth water with anticipation of the goodness in their bottles behind their labels??? Luckily for me, Tay’s makes it easy. Their BBQ sauce was sexy smooth on the palate and the perfect blend of Eastern and Western NC. Since I’m new to Tay’s, I’ve only eaten it on one thing so far…Salmon. But, I’m looking forward to having it on chicken, ribs, pork chops, pulled pork, etc. Oh yeah, I may not have eaten my finger off, but I did lick a bit off of it (this is the sexy part of it – a good food is measured by how finger-licking good it is). Doesn’t that count for something? Although, I must be careful, because I have been told Tay’s is not responsible for missing fingers if I so choose to get their BBQ sauce on one and begin to chow down. *smiles*

You can visit Tay’s site by clicking here.

Once more, you can’t go wrong with a sauce that has this on the label…….. “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8

Good stuff….Good people….Good sauce….

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