The Sara Video Series: Have you eaten at Formatos?

Let me introduce you to Sara. She is four years old. A very tall, cute and smart four year old. She’s the hub’s little sister, and quite frankly may be the smartest of the two (I jest, I jest). *smiles* Youth is knowledge and clarity. You’re not jaded, you haven’t been disappointed in life, you still have that lust for what’s around the corner. As we get older, most of us begin not to trust, begin to expect disappointment, and dread what life is about to hand us. We must all stand tall like children do, and face life with enthusiasm and full gusto.

With this being said, it’s time we start being more like Sara. Did you know that she has her own restaurant – in theory. We were sitting at the dining room table of the hub’s parents and she brought me some plastic food. I, being the foodie, asked her about what she brought me. This is when I was introduced to her restaurant…Formato’s. This name wasn’t created for her, or generated by any bystanders. This was and is solely her creation. Oh good lord, she went into so much detail. Then I gave her a hard time about a cupcake. It was hilarious! I immediately thought about sharing her restaurant adventures with you guys!

Long story short, I grabbed my phone, and ended up with a few clips of videos to share with you.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to add video sharing to my blog currently – unless I already have the capability, and just don’t know how to use the video function on here. I will post them on YouTube and link them here for you to follow the link and view. I promise, you won’t be disappointed with this little girl.

She is a spark of magic, a ton of love, and a bundle of blessings.

Introducing…to the World…Ms. Sara starring in The Onyx Plate’s Sara Series…..

Click here to view the first installation. Enjoy! 


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