I want YOU! (Yes, I’m pointing at you!)

I’ve been thinking lately. Sometimes, this is a huge downfall of mine. But, in this case, I think it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been observing a lot of these other sites. They usually have a common way to relate to their readers. A good amount of them are keyed around pleasing children, and go as far as to include pictures of their children doing various random things – sometimes not related to food. Some have pets that eat weird things and pose for funny pictures – my cat just eats Bacon and French Fries, and sits with her tongue hanging out. Some are handsome bachelors talking about the young man’s life of food and freedom. Some focus solely on health food, and some on certain ethnic foods.

I, myself, am 28, married, work 40 hours or more a week, middle-class, exercise a few times a week after work, cook almost every night, have a container garden on my patio, and no kids – but I have an awesome black cat. So what do I have to relate to you with? I enjoy easy recipes, but I enjoy the complex challenges. I enjoy the beauty of an inspiring picture, but I don’t have the funds to support the constant fresh produce purchases. I enjoy cooking with peppers, but I understand not everyone enjoys the savory goodness of a fresh-picked pepper.

So, here lies my quest – well that sounds morbid *smiles* – I want to learn more about you, my reader. I’m opening up my site to feature Sundays. Each Sunday, I will feature a recipe from one of you guys. This isn’t a contest, so everyone will be featured that submits a recipe.

The things I ask of you for this…

  • At least one picture of the final product of your recipe
  • Clear instructions in your recipe
  • A short – or long – story to go along with/about your recipe.

This will help me to find out more about you and what you like. I look forward to your posts! Super excited. *smiles* Send them to me at theonyxplate@gmail.com. Get cooking people!

My first picture of food, that started it all.  Start your inspiration today!


  1. Very Simple…Just grill Turkey Italian Sausages on the barbie, then simmer in marinara sause…I use Hunts because I like the Traditional flavor and had some of your own herbs and spices. Soft Italian ross, toasted lightly, add Marinara sauce and parmesian chees if you like…I could even see some mustard if that’s your preference and makes a great and tasty meal…We loved it!


  2. I think that’s a cool idea! As long as you’re passionate about it, go for it. And of course, you are welcome to use any of the recipes off my blog. I post photos with each recipe. Have fun with it! :)


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