Can you get more American than Peaches and Pound Cake?

I first off want to say a warm-hearted Happy Independence Day to my followers here in America. We live in a great Nation, and I swell with pride thinking that I belong here.

Even more so…an appreciation to our soldiers in the military. You are why we are here today. You, and the generations that went before you, are the true heroes of our great Nation. Thank you, from the bottom of my warm, foodie heart.

“Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” ~Michel de Montaigne

When I think American…a few different foods come to mind. Two of which are fresh peaches and Pound Cake. Even better when they are together! It’s hard to beat a freshly peeled peach sprinkled with a little sugar to where it begins to glisten as the juices soak up the granules of the sugar, and then served on top of a warm, moist slice of Pound Cake. Mmmmmm….salivating over here!

And, if there is one thing I have learned while living in the South and meeting other devout Southerners…when someone tells you that something is good, and that something is present in your near vicinity, you take your happy butt over to where that something is and get you some for yourself! You can’t just take someone else’s word for it. You have to go for it, take the bull by the horns, and savor each morsel of it as time slowly passes in your indulgent world. Whew, best stop, getting carried away here…*smiles*.

All of that mumble jumble being said…I was at a friend’s mother’s house, and someone said that the mother’s Mother-in-Law (you still following me?) made the most amazing Pound Cake. Now, I must boast that Maw-Maw makes some damn good Pound Cake. It was my Paw-Paw’s favorite, and he had good taste. Heck, he married Maw-Maw… (wink). It wasn’t until after the guest that had advised me of this delicacy left the party, that I found the such said Pound Cake sitting lonely near the dessert table. Jennifer, Jennifer, it called out. Take the advice of your new friend…eat me! Ignore the P90X protocols of food…eat me! Don’t worry about the hunt for a plate and knife…eat me! JUST EAT ME! I don’t disappoint my fans…so…of course I had to eat it for your benefit. *smiles* I had to tell you guys about it, and it came highly recommended by a good Southerner! I blame the one that recommended it for my eating it…although, no regrets….*smiles*

Long story short…it was delightful. It warmed the soul, and reminded me of Maw-Maw’s Pound Cake (by the way, Maw-Maw, I know you are reading this…when are you making another one???). The cake was even better when I was allowed to take two slices home for later savoring, and topped it with the aforementioned fresh peaches. For an added touch…a dabble of Breyers CarbSmart Vanilla Ice Cream. Now that, my friends, makes me smile….


  1. You know, I’ve never had peaches and poundcake before. Maybe that’s a regional thing? I know I’ll have to leave off the ice cream- cake and ice cream don’t do well for me for some reason, but I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of ice cream either. Fruit topping on the cake sounds great, especially peaches.

    Do you ever boil peaches so you can remove their skins more easily? I’ve found boiling them actually brings out their natural sugars and makes them taste more like peaches you find in a can- though not everyone likes that flavor.


    1. You should definitely try it. And, yes. I’ve heard of the popping them very quickly into hot water. Same with tomatoes. I actually indulge in the challenge of peeling the peach. :) It seems to be very easy when they are the peak of ripeness. Just got a bunch fresh off a local farm today. Can’t wait to dive in!


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