Do you remember those 6 little chocolate truffle looking items I received as a gift from little Sierra? Well, 4 of 6 are no longer a mystery!!!

That could mean one of two things……2 of the 6 have not produced a fruit, vegetable, or animal (Hey, you never know!). Or…I or the cat killed the other two.

Sadly, the second option is the truth. While the pods were sprouting indoors, the cat ate the top off of one. The hope was that it would put out again once planted. But, I tell ya, I think cat saliva is poisonous. you should have seen the Catnip plant I grew her. *smiles* The second…I broke it off by accident when planting it. Simple enough, but I still have to claim responsibility for my actions.

The plants were as follows…

One ended up being Corn.

Another one ended up being String Beans.

The third one that everyone thought was Pumpkin, was in fact Crooked Neck Yellow Squash.

Last, but certainly not least…..Grass. Yes folks. I said Grass. There’s no doubt about it. This one has grown the most out of all of them. Why can’t our lawn’s grass be so blessed and bountiful!?!?!?

To celebrate the fruits of her labor of planting the pods, I gave Sierra the first squash off of the plant. I, myself, have enjoyed a couple more since the first was plucked.

Ya know, life is good. It’s even better when you can walk out on the patio and pluck your side dish fresh from the plant.

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