Patang Curry from a jar…I know…I’m a Slacker…

There’s always a time that I want to be adventurous when cooking. I tell myself… “You are going to finally make a Curry dish with a from-scratch sauce.” Finally!

Last night was the night. I was ready. I was ready! Yeah, um, not so much last night in the end. I turned to my trusty jar of Patang Curry sauce. I simmered broccoli, red onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, and chicken breast in the sauce. At the very end, stirred in some of my intriguing Cinnamon Basil and served it over Jasmine Rice. This turned out very well and tasty. It just goes to show, that premade sauces are good.  One day, one day I tell ya, I WILL make a Curry dish from scratch. One day….

Until then…enjoy the below pictures of the dish. And, the singular picture, was a picture I just couldn’t resist. I loved how it turned out!

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