Will Cook for Foo! Week 1

At the risk of sounding completely obsessed, overly enthused, completely off my rocker, or utterly insane – and I’m ok with all of that…let’s have some creative fun! I’m a redhead, and it’s not just the blondes that tend to have more fun, so this should be interesting.

We recently began operating off of a pretty strict budget in our household – trying our best to dig out of some debt we have accumulated through almost six fun years of marriage. At the same time, I had been feeling blue about not being able to see the Foo Fighters, because at the time, the closest concerts that were coming near me were Tennessee and Georgia. Oh sure, I’d drive across country if needed for them, but even the closest shows had to involve an overnight stay in a hotel we currently couldn’t afford with our budget, and driving any further was completely out of the question. 

On a sidenote: The saddest part of my years of fandomonium…hearing Dave say they were on an “indefinite hiatus” on the CBS Sunday Morning show a couple years back.  That was sad…so as soon as they started touring…complete excitement!

Then the news came…the Foo Fighters announced a show in Charlotte, NC!!! I can’t tell you how happy this made me. You know that funky looking dog on some birthday cards where it looks like he had a pair of dentures slapped in his mouth to create the biggest smile ever? Yup, that was me alllllll day, and frankly still to this day. I began immediately scheming on what I could sacrifice to afford my tickets. I could eat Ramen for a week, I could eat spaghetti every day for a week at work, I could not eat the fancy items I cook once in a while….Wait a minute…why are all of my sacrifices about food? Oh yeah, I’m a foodie, and that’s what’s closest to my heart…See, I’d sacrifice my most favorite things for them, or eat my most loathed and redundant things for them!

Next, came Friday…

Friday morning, my favorite radio station was having a Free Foo Fridays giveaway. Well of course this meant Foo tickets before they went on sale that morning at 10am. I never win, and when I say never, I mean NEVER. I called, it rang. The DJ said, “You’re caller number 5.” I called again, it rang. The DJ said, “You’re caller number 16.” Oh shoot, by this time I was about to pee on myself. No really, I was. I certainly couldn’t be in the restroom if I did win and had to talk on the phone to the DJ, that’s just gross people – quit talking to people on the phone while you’re in the restroom. Ok, back to the story…I called again, it rang…….….the DJ said, “Do you know what today is?” I said, “Free Foo Fridays?” Well folks, the rest is history. I won two tickets to my dream concert, they had to *bleep* me out for something I said in response to my excitement—hey, I couldn’t control myself – and as if my smile couldn’t have gotten any bigger, it did. I’m even smiling writing this. *BIG SMILES*

So, with all of this being said my friends…I’m going to start something once a week, until the concert in November. I am going to start on a mission for them to let me cook a wonderful meal for them when they come to town. *GASP* Are you naysaying already??? How dare you! *smiles* Sure, I know my odds are slim to none. Maybe more like none. But, operating under my recent mantra lately…Nothing is Impossible. Stranger things have happened right??? *smiles*

Each week, I will create a Twitter update including a lyric from one of their songs that will make the point that I want to feed them. Yes, I realize this is not going to be just the band I will be feeding…I’m willing to feed their families that are with them, the crew, etc. What was that? How will I feed them on my new strict budget? Heck, I’ll cross that bridge when it gets here.

For those of you not following The Onyx Plate on Twitter…you might want to start. But, if you’re just not into it, I’ll be posting the Twitter update weekly on here as well.

Wish me luck, and if they’re cheesy…you’ll survive! Remember, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

This week’s “Will Cook for Foo” comes from their song Everlong.

The selected lyric was “And out of the red, out of her head she sang”.

My Twitter update “@foofighters Out of my red, out of my head I begged…let me cook for all of you when you come to NC! On my knees begging! :o)”

Next step for you, take a second and enjoy the song…Click here for the Everlong video.

Do you have any suggestions for me to use next week? *smiles*

For other “Will Cook for Foo!” entries, click below for each week.

Week 2: Will Cook for Foo!

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  1. The first Foo Fighters song I ever heard was Monkey Wrench, and that sold me on them. Then I heard Everlong, and the song is so intense that it’s become a classic in my own personal world, taking me back to the grand summer of ’97.

    If you won the tickets, I definitely believe you can get to the point where you cook the meal for them!

    Maybe you should also do a series of Youtube videos talking about your grand plan and showing off the latest Tweets!


    1. Ahhhh yes. The Foo Fighters songs have always, and will always bring a smile to my face, Beaux. I am a HUGE fan of their acoustic numbers. However, All My Life really rocks my world. I’ve recently discovered Skin and Bones. You should check that one out. I’m still leary about the video part, but I will work at it…. :)


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