Are you weird with your egg cartons like I am?

I just noticed – well, I’ve noticed before – that I take my eggs out of their carton evenly. If I take one out of the top right corner, I will take the next one out of the bottom left corner to even out the weight distribution. I wonder if I have this fear of dropping them? Or, maybe I just don’t like picking up the container and it being heavy on one side and the cardboard smushes in. Who knows?

Either way, I always pull out of the fridge an evenly weight distributed carton of eggs…every single time. Unless the hub gets his paws in my carton…then that’s a whole different story. I will then move them around to an even pattern. I wonder if this is a fragment of OCD? *smiles*

Oh wow! My Egg Carton has a bible verse in it! Now that is clever marketing.

Makes me smile.


    1. Ha! One on one corner… One on the opposite diagonal corner…. And one is off center in the very middle. This might be why I always try to use 2 at a time. :) It drives me nuts. :)


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