The perfect Saturday morning breakfast…to me anyhow…

I’m sure some of you know how it feels to have to rush in the morning to get yourself ready. I can’t even imagine having to get someone else ready as well. Honestly, I’m good if I can even make it on time to work. The bed is just so comfy. Come to think of it, we have been talking about getting a new mattress. But dang, if I have a problem getting out of this one in the morning now…there is no way it would be any easier in a brand spankin’ new mattress. Ugh. Oh well, the sacrifices we make for sleep…. *smiles*

Since I am constantly in a rush on all weekday mornings, except Wednesday – my day off – I thoroughly enjoy fixing (you like the Southern use of the word “fixing” don’t you?) myself breakfast on Saturday mornings. The reason I say myself, is sometimes the hub doesn’t even want breakfast, or would prefer a bowl of cereal. I’m not sure if I should take that as reflective of my cooking skills, or if he just really doesn’t like eggs that much. But, since he doesn’t read my blog…that will remain a mystery. *smiles*

I have told you in the past that I absolutely love chopping vegetables…peppers and onions are the favorites as you can most likely tell. On Saturday mornings, my perfect Saturday morning breakfast is a bit of bell pepper and onion sautéed together. After they are nice and soft, I push a few of them in a pile and crack an egg right over top of the pile.  This way when the egg is cooking it holds the peppers and onions together as well, instead of having the peppers and onions falling all over the place when you go to eat your biscuit.  I carefully keep the egg in a round/oval shape as it cooks so the egg, peppers, and onion will fit perfectly on my biscuit.  When I flip it, it should be nice and golden on the bottom. I let it golden up on the other side and place it directly inside my fresh-from-the-oven biscuit. It’s always the perfect shape to go in the biscuit. It’s healthy, all except for the Mary B’s Biscuit I just put it in. But, come on, it’s Saturday. One warm breakfast during the week won’t hurt…too bad.

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